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The ⚕ CareX is a Interactable item introduced in v1.23.0 update and serves as a way to obtain a significant quantity of Health, quickly. This item can only be obtained upon killing certain Enemy NPCs, currently only the Feral Ghoul and all Raider NPCs bar their boss have a small chance to drop the CareX. In the past, all Tier 2+ enemies of the 2020 Nightmare Night event had a chance of dropping it. CareX was added in Update v1.23.0, alongside the Health and damage system.


The design of the CareX appears to be a form of Syringe with some design changes, the barrel of the CareX is a dark gray color with a red line running vertically down the barrel, and a black needle shaft is displayed at the bottom. Instead of a traditional pump or adjoining flange, the CareX has a dark gray circular dial with a red line, and two yellow tubes connecting the dial and a metallic cross section on the syringe's barrel. The CareX also emits a red glow when placed on the ground.


Upon consumption, the player will have their HP healed by a value randomly decided between 38 and 50, and the item will be discarded. However if the amount healed is greater than the amount needed to return the player to maximum HP, then only the difference will be rendered.


  • The CareX's design bears similar similarities to Fallout's staple healing item, the Stimpak. Specially the use of a darker metal and bright yellow tubing implies that it is more so a reference to Fallout 1 and 2's Stimpak.
    • Meanwhile the name bears more similarity towards the Med-X Chem, which has appeared in all Bethesda released Fallout titles.
  • Alongside the Nuka sign, Sparkle sign, Stop sign, Spear, and Knife spear; the CareX possesses a different sprite between being held in a Pony's mouth, and while dropped/present in your inventory.
    • However, while the aforementioned Melee weapons have a shrunken down inventory icon due to their size, CareX uniquely displays the item as if it was viewed from an isometric angle.
  • When the CareX is highlighted when it is on the ground, it will display a unique Ashes emoticon of a Pink plus. This emoticon is the in-game's typeface substitute for the Rod of Asclepius symbol which is present before the item's name.