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Game version refers to the different states the game has progressed through its time in development. Updates will either include fixes to the game, addition of new Items or mechanics, or simply introduce Seasonal updates.

Updates are documented by the Ashes.Town Development Team on the About page on the Ashes.Town website. As well on their social media accounts, Twitter, Vkontakte (VK), and in the #updates channel on the Ashes.Town official discord. However the About Page only records back to Update v1.17.0, and the former two of the Social media accounts only archive back updates to 1.15.0 and 1.4.1 respectively. As the Discord has catalogued every update, it shall be the primary source for a majority of the early updates notes especially in regards to dates, corroborated against other available sources. The dates ascribed to each update references the EST/EDT timezone, as that is the apparent timezone used in the Ashes Town About page.

This page is essentially an archived text dump for all the updates, it is recommended to use the table of contents or use your devices search function (control/command+F) to locate a specific updates.

This page does not also archive April Fools updates, as those historically have not had a proper changelog, and the ones which have have not followed the established update numbering system. For more information see the dedicated April Fools page.


Though not actively titled 1.2.0, this "quick server update" features the first changelog. The Update was posted on 11th September 2019.

- Removed Test server
- Removed safe server
- Added PG-13 Server
- Added 18+ Russian server


The first update which assigns the update Changelog with the Update numbering system. This update was released on 12th September 2019.

Updated Team Members section to include 2 new wonderful artists!
Updated the logo (again)
Added 1 new mane style
Added 1 new tail style
Added a new hat
Added another Pip-Buck model
New chat system! Thanks pixel.horse
Updated codebase to match PonyTown v0.53.1-alpha


Some assorted bugfixes. The update was released on September 14th 2019.

- Fixed cave rocks not having a transparent background
- Fixed knife not being inside the pony's mouth
- Fixed signs sometimes being transparent
- Fixed water animations to match the color of the water itself
- Changed color of "cave" water to green (testing for now)
- Changed "cave" walls to match more of a vault/stable
- Removed some "cave" objects to match vault/stable theme
- Removed rails and mine-cart on main map


This update marks the beginning of the Stable Map as well as the creation of the Ashes.Town Trello. Development of this trello ended on May 3rd 2020. It was uploaded on 16th September 2019.

- Added new Stable map! (WORK IN PROGRESS)
- Changed cave back to normal
- Changed cave entrance back to normal
- Moved the stable door inside the cave
- Changed the barrels to now glow
- Changed pine tree colors to match theme
- Changed water to be more gray
- Fixed bugs that didn't get fixed in the last update
- Fixed Discord not working for some users
- Fixed gun/knife position, again!


This is the first update where the Changelog was also posted on Vkontakte. It was released on September 21st 2019.

- Added PG-13 Russian server
- 18+ Russian server will no longer show up for people under the age of 18.
- Updated codebase to match PonyTown v0.53.2-alpha


This update added a number of Weapons as well as an intractable box, it made the Wasteland Map look more like a Wasteland, and introduced the Overmare NPC. It was released on 22nd September 2019.

- Added broken houses to main map
- Added Overmare NPC to the Stable (currently no functionality)
- Added Spritebot
- Added triggers for out-of-bounds players to be teleported back to spawn
- Added guns!
- Added box of guns
- Changed island house to new design
- Changed sail to be worn out
- Changed colors of clovers and bushes
- /clovers has been replaced with /caps
- Removed flowers
- Removed Butterflies
- Updated codebase to match PonyTown v0.54.0-alpha


Added a number of new items and customization options. The update as released on October 7th 2019.

- Added 3aHo3a to the team!
- Added Cooper to the team!
- Added vending machine
- Added 2 new energy weapons
- Added 1 new 'explosive' weapon (does not explode yet)
- Added 11 new melee weapons
- Added 2 new mane styles
- Added 1 new tail style
- Added 2 new chest accessories
- Added 1 new back accessory
- Added 8 new head accessories
- Added various house decor items
- Changed some of the trees with better dead sprites
- Changed the stable map to reflect an actual stable design
- Changed the game UI to reflect a Pip-Buck / Terminal
- Updated the Overmare NPC to have working animations / dialogue
- Updated to the latest pixel.horse / Pony Town release
- Fixed the boat water animation
- Fixed various bugs related to the stable map


Added more weapon items as well as even more Character Customization options. The update was released on October 16th 2019.

- Added weapon switching buttons (melee and guns)
- Added one additional pattern to jacket
- Added grenade and a dynamite stick
- Added fireaxe and two machetes
- Added an extra accessory layer for masks
- Added respirator, gasmask, hockey mask, welding mask and bandana for mask accessories
- Added butt protection plate accessory
- Added holstered pistol accessory
- Added slave neck collar
- Added editing grass/dirt tiles on the party island
- Added two metallic tables as house items
- Added two metallic lockers as house items
- Added crate with explosives
- Added weapon boxes as house items
- Changed texture of weapon boxes
- Pipbucks now appear above the the sleeves
- Fixed kissing animation
- Fixed water color on island
- Fixed some of the held weapon positions
- Fixed sleeves not being available for two chest pieces
- Fixed helmet offset positions
- Fixed pants pouch being positioned under back legs
- Fixed one of the manes having no horn piece overlay
- Fixed raider mane being placed in backmanes
- Fixed Overmare having wrong shadow
- Fixed Stable-tec logo being layered above players
- Fixed stable entrance collider
- Fixed some of the stable walls
- Removed helmet from manes


This update was not documented properly with a changelog on either VK nor on the #updates channel on the discord server. There is evidence that some sort of issue occurred in regards to face patterns braking. This update occurred on October 16th 2019.

This update does not include fixing house decals being shown on walls or the pip-buck showing when walking the other direction. This provides critical updates to pony layering and the actions menu. I will fix the rest of the problems tomorrow as they aren't game breaking.


The update was a minor Bugfix following the undocumented v1.7.1. The update occured on October 18th 2019.

- Added additional things that were forgotten to previous change logs.
- Added House tab to actions menu
- Fixed Pip-Buck not showing on the far front leg in some cases.
- Fixed Stable-Tec logo being layered above players
- Fixed patterns on chest accessories
- Fixed explosive crate not having a working shadow
- Spelling is magic


This update introduces the Spooky variant of the maps for the first time, as well as introducing in the Halloween Seasonal Event for the first time. There was a number of other bug fixes, the Mint-Al item was added to the game, and the ability to import and export ponies was temporarily removed. It was released on October 26th 2019.

- Added a little bit of spookiness
- Added collecting Mint-Als
- Added graves, cages and "bombs" to main map
- Added three new patterns to welding mask
- Added one new pattern to two helmets
- Added balaclava mask
- Added pilot hat
- Added Friends tab to chatlog
- Added small jack-o'-lantern, sign, basket, trees, pines, stumps, and clovers to house items
- Reduced skulls collider area
- Fixed Pip-Buck rendering issues (we promise this time!)
- Fixed back manes not allowing some users to save their character
- Fixed one of the helmet patterns working incorrectly
- Fixed minor spelling mistakes
- Removed being able to import / export ponies


A quick bugfix update. Released on October 26th 2019.

- Added actions for house commands (/savehouse, /loadhouse, /resethouse, /lockhouse, /unlockhouse, /removetoolbox, /restoretoolbox)
- Added cages to house items
- Added small sock
- Fixed House actions not staying in the actions bar when rejoining
- Fixed Mint-als action button not working
- Fixed sock layering issue


The Halloween seasonal event ended. This update renamed the website from Phony.Town to the name its current name Ashes.Town, added a number of character customisation options, items and housing items; and filling the maps with more environmental clutter. This update was released on November 7th 2019.

- Rebrand electric boogaloo
- Added floor 2 to the Stable
- Added raider mane and tail
- Added shorts
- Added spiked armor waist accessory
- Added small back socks
- Added skull mask
- Added hoods
- Added bandaged eyes
- Added front hooves gloves
- Added light to nuka cola signs
- Added Sparkle Cola signs
- Added a bed, microwave, oven, sleeping bags, jukebox, wooden cabinets, stool, CCTV, skeletons, and toaster to house items
- Added bloatsprite nest to cave
- Added additional skeletons to main map
- Cages can now be enterable
- Improved Sparkle Cola sprite
- Horns will now go through hats / helmets
- Edited the contributors list style
- Edited the design of the Stable's first floor to match new designs of walls
- Fixed held items bring cropped/invisible when swimming
- Removed Halloween items / event


A quick bug-fix. The update was released on 7th November 2019.

Spelling is magic episode 3
Fixed Stable logo on floor 2 being above ponies
Fixed being able to fly over the oven
Fixed being able to go through the microwave and toaster oven
Fixed some placements of the CCTV cameras
Fixed some invisible walls to not be invisible
Fixed some cages allowing ponies to show in front of it while being inside.


A 'late-night' bug-fix update. Released on 11th November 2019.

- Added Suri Moon and Makeba to the team!
- Back leg sleeves now work like front leg sleeves
- Updated the WIP road texture (still not finished)
- Fixed some horns layering behind ears
- Fixed horns layering on top of some manes
- Fixed terminal animation being over the pony
- Fixed crates on floor 2 of the stable rendering over ponies heads
- /unstuck no longer teleports players outside of the map on the second floor of the stable
- Fixed some stable walls being see-through when they shouldn't be


A very minor bug-fix, such that it was not announced with a proper changelog on the Discord server and was posted together with v1.9.2 on VK. The update was released on 11th November 2019, just 15 minutes later to v1.9.2 as recorded on the Discord server.

Fixed there being double of the back pants.


The update added in a number of mouth held items, replacing and adding certain environmental objects with ones that fit the Fallout Equestria theme. Released on 17th November 2019.

- Added sorting actions by dragging and dropping (thanks Kaponyt!)
- Added indicator for deleting actions by dropping
- Added working stable doors that open and close
- Added bloatsprites to the cave
- Added bloodwing (replaces bats)
- Added radroaches (replaces bunnies)
- Added new patters for some existing masks
- Added 2 spiked collars
- Added 2 surgical masks
- Added headband accessory
- Added stable intercoms
- Added baseball bat, spiked baseball bat, wooden board, spiked wooden board, meat cleaver, golf club, hatchet, hockey stick, pan, sledgehammer, wrench and ripper melee weapons
- Added posters to maps
- Added Misc action
- Added cigarettes, chemlight, bottles and holdable medkit to Misc action button/box
- Added 5 food items, Sparkle-Cola bottle and posters to house items
- Added stable cafeteria counter
- Added glowing radiated water to the cave
- Changed cave crystal colors to red
- Separated whole oven object into separate oven, oven power table and two pans
- Moved flares to misc items
- Fixed empty action slots not collapsing into a single slot
- Fixed tables sprite positioning (you can now put items on top of the tables!)
- Fixed some tree tops being layered over players
- Fixed minecarts not being elevated in the cave
- Fixed small tree stump being layered over players
- Fixed back leg sleeves not saving
- Fixed some tree tops being layered over players
- Fixed minecarts not being elevated in the cave
- Reverted horns being layered over ears


A minor bugfix update. It was released on November 19th 2019.

- Added shadow to radroaches
- Fixed being able to get out of bounds when a door closes on you
- Fixed flying players from going through the stable doors while they are closed
- Fixed 2 tables in the stable being in the wrong position
- Fixed posters on the main map allowing players to get behind it while flying
- Fixed crystal lantern color to match other crystals


Another bugfix update, as well as adding localized rules for Russian speakers. The update was also released on November 19th 2019.

- Updated the rules, please read them!
- Added some extra explanations for rules on the Help page
- Added Russian rules to home/character page
- Added slight visual tweaks to the about and help pages
- Fixed extra accessories not being placed correctly if the player has a hat on
- Fixed the stable doors still allowing players to get out of bounds in some cases
- Fixed small sock <code>5</code> from being rendered under sleeves
- Fixed action bar breaking after actions limit is reached
- Fixed some houses loading incorrectly in some cases


V1.11.0 Update 1.jpg
V1.11.0 Update 2.jpg
V1.11.0 Update 3.jpg
V1.11.0 Update 4.jpg

This update introduces the Winter Map for the first time, as well as introducing in the Nuclear Winter Wonderland Seasonal Event for the first and only time, following end of year seasonal updates would hold a more lore friendly name as Hearth's Warming Eve. This update marks the creation of the Ashes.Town Patreon. It was released on December 13th 2019.

- Baby it's cold outside
- Added new xmas music for the season
- Added new trees
- Added christmas decorations
- Added body patterns!
- Added Patreon
- Added back imports and exports (exports is Patreon-supporter only)
- Added stable kitty :3
- Added new food items
- Added new posters
- Added security room to the stable
- Added medical bay to the stable
- Added pickable potions and syringes to medical bay cabinet
- Added pickable edibles to cafestand
- Added new house decorations
- Added edible item switching action button
- Added neck fur accessory
- Added power armor helmet, motorcycle helmet, explorer hood, goggled pilot hat, pilot helmet and its goggled variant 
- Added kevlar vest chest accessory
- Added prosthetic front legs
- Added prosthetic wings
- Added bandaged front legs
- Added legs extra tab to editor
- Moved Pip-bucks to the new legs extra tab
- Made items on stable tables pickable
- Improved some of the stable walls
- Updated the <code>help</code> tab to include how to open the stable doors
- Fixed small water pool in cave not glowing
- Fixed social tag not updating when swapping characters


A bugfix update. Released on December 12th 2019.

- Fixed Patreon supporters not getting their rewards in game
- Fixed sink in house items not being positioned properly
- Fixed various issues with the stable kitty (we're on good terms now)
- Patreon and Discord are now log-in only
- Fixed audio in the stable causing players to crash


Nightly and an Unknown pony celebrating under a New Years banner, posted on VK

This update celebrates a New Years for the first time, decorating the Stable appropriately and placing working confetti guns around the Stable, as well as including other functionality including the /give Command. This update was released on January 1st 2020.

- Main spawn is now set in the stable!
- The default pony now includes proper stable garments
- Added Stable doors for kitty
- Added ability to get baton from the batons stand in the Stable security room
- Added working confetti gun
- Added confetti emoji
- Added scattered confetti around the stable
- Added "Happy New Year" banner
- Added 2 new ear accessories
- Added new gas mask
- Added a hard hat (construction helmet)
- Added new Enclave helmet
- Added 2 new back leg accessories
- Added additional patterns to a couple of existing items
- Added /give_*itemname* command
- Added /confetti and /pop commands
- Added a few xmas weapons (available in the gift pile in Stable1)
- Added house fridge and house doors
- Updated the help page
- Improved Stable doors layering
- Improved Stable elevator
- Improved some of the existing sprites
- Improved some Stable stuff
- Improved some of the existing sprites
- Fixed minor accessory bugs
- Fixed horns not being visible when using some of the head accessories
- Fixed stable ambient audio not looping properly
- Fixed caps not spawning during winter season
- Fixed tree 4 collider


A bunch of other minor fixes, As well as the addition of gift boxes which spawned to the Wasteland map and allow players to easily collect all the toys, this feature is implied to have originally been released around Christmas day, however was delayed for an unknown reason. The update was released on January 1st 2020.

- Added gift collecting to main map
- Added /open and /pop to the actions menu
- Updated the team section of the about page
- Stable kitty now has proper winter clothing!
- Adjusted the spawn rate of confetti guns
- Moved small glove from legs extra to legs tab
- Fixed layering issues with the small glove
- Fixed some neon lights in the stable being in the wrong position
- Fixed tree clipping issues
- Fixed misplaced mistletoe on main map
- Fixed some presents spawning in campfires ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- Fixed pizza not being held correctly


The end of the New Years Update, as well a number of other fixes including simplifying the servers available. The update was released on January 4th 2020.

- New Years event is now over
- Added new mane and tail
- Added new patterns for some head accessories
- Added alerts for EN and RU servers about suggested age to play
- Removed all 18+ servers and merged them with the PG-13 (there are now only servers based on language)
- Fixed some presents spawning on top of plants
- Fixed extra head accessories (aka toys) not being positioned properly on the new hats
- Fixed extra head accessories not being layered properly with hats
- Fixed chest accessories not having more than 3 colors
- Fixed some head accessories patterns not working correctly
- Fixed Bloat Sprite light not being centered
- Optimized game performance


A bugfix relating to an issue with servers crashing. Nightly thanks the Project lead and Programer of the Pony.Town Team, Industriallice, for solving the issue. It was released on January 5th 2020.

- Fixed memory leak causing server crashes (huge thanks to Industrialice)
- Adjusted the new mane style


A very minor update which simply added a Server for Spanish speakers. It was released on January 6th 2020

Adds literally just a Spanish speaking server. You're welcome.


Removed the Christmas event, and made some minor fixes. The update occurred on January 25th 2020.

- Christmas event is over
- Added the ability to show object/map colliders by pressing F8 or enabling it in settings
- Fixed the Items List on the Help page not displaying properly
- Fixed being able to get behind the couch and inside the security table in the stable
- Fixed /give cola command not actually giving you cola
- Fixed the site background not being tiled correctly in some cases
- Removed test weapons from the /give command
- Removed "Fallout" branding from the logos to avoid copyright
- Optimized game performance


V1.13.0 Update 1.jpg
V1.13.0 Update 2.jpg
V1.13.0 Update 3.jpg
V1.13.0 Update 4.jpg
V1.13.0 Update 5.jpg
V1.13.0 Update 6.jpg
V1.13.0 Update 7.jpg
V1.13.0 Update 8.jpg
V1.13.0 Update 9.jpg

This update revers the Maps to their standard variants, added a Saloon to the wasteland map as well as improving and expanding the environmental clutter, adding a vast number more of pony styling options, expanding items accepted by the /give command, as well as a number of other changes and additions. It was released on 8th March 2020.

- It's spring time!
- Added arsenal tab
- Added 1 new battle saddle to the arsenal tab
- Added 17 guns for the battle saddle
- Added scarred body pattern
- Added 7 new face patterns
- Added 6 new backpacks
- Added 2 new pairs of boots
- Added 3 new helmets
- Added 2 new skull hats
- Added 2 deathclaw horns
- Added 2 glasses accessories
- Added extra colors to power armor helmets and pilot hat
- Added extra palettes for some of the manes, tails, neck and head accessories
- Added labcoat chest accessory
- Ears are now hidden when using some head accessories
- Added ability to hold mug, teapot, fire extinguishers and chicken
- Added original PonyTown items to "/give" command
- Added more items to "/give" command (check it out in the Help section!)
- Added looking by double clicking
- Added down-left and down-right eye directions
- Added Numpad hotkeys for looking in directions
- Added holding Shift to disable looking with numpad
- Added setting to disable double click to look (also can use F9)
- Added new hide all text option
- Added the Saloon (by the harbor)
- Added Saloon music
- Added pizza boxes and pizza slices
- Added ability to get food items from fridges
- Added utility poles, wires, generators, wire fences, new skeletons, and security booth and other minor changes to the main map
- Added rustic wood to house tiles
- Added mug, 2 vertical keyboards, small radio, 2 nightstands, animated small and medium fans, 2 clean fridges, 2 metallic benches, power generator, 2 skeletons, extra skulls, different colored barrels, 2 weapons holders, vodka bottle, condensed milk, MRE edibles, 2 pizza boxes to house items
- Added an entrance to your house to the upper right section of the main map
- Added cave mushrooms
- Made Overmare blink a little more frequent
- Slightly increased medical cabinet interactive zone and decreased its interactive range
- Increased size of the sofa in the medbay
- Improved kitty's waypoints so it now goes through small doors
- Redesigned Stable entrance
- Improved overall stable design a tad
- Added animated CCTV cameras
- Adjusted lightning for all maps
- Improved some sprites
- Added new emojis
- Updated the about page
- Updated the controls section
- Merged the legs extra tab with the legs tab
- Moved the toys to the head tab
- Held items now use a neutral expression
- Fixed colliders and sprite positioning of some items
- Fixed music not looping as often as it should
- Fixed some missing accessory patterns
- Fixed and improved previously added mane
- Fixed colliders and sprite positioning of some items
- Made nights darker
- Reverted rocks being replaced with skulls
- Removed huge holdable ranged weapons
- Optimized game performance


A quick bugfix update. Being released on March 8th 2020.

- Added darker dirt to house tiles
- Added light sprites to the CCTV cameras
- Improved the logo a bit
- Updated the previous changelog entry to actually include everything we added!
- Updated the about page to include social links for some contributors
- GitHub is now login only
- Cave light is now a tad bit lighter
- Fixed cave mushroom light
- Fixed the muzzle clipping through the welding mask
- Fixed hat position when using the new manes
- Fixed one back mane clipping through the ear
- Fixed prosthetic wings preview animation not working in the editor
- Fixed audio problems in the saloon
- Fixed being able to clip into the saloon booths via flying
- Fixed being able to clip into the drink rack in the saloon
- Fixed colliders on the new house teleport building
- Fixed the house loaded from the new teleport not being party only
- Fixed some main map items not being in the right position
- Removed sewer water floor tile from the house tiles list
- Optimized server performance


V1.13.2 Update 1.jpg
V1.13.2 Update 2.jpg
V1.13.2 Update 3.jpg

The update adds a number of food options, emoticons, pony styling options, and expanding the environmental clutter in the wasteland. It was released 21st March 2020.

- Added 1 new mane
- Added 1 new back mane
- Added 1 new tail
- Added ability to get drinks on bowls from the shelf and the cabinet and place them on the tables in Saloon
- Added ability to pick drinks on the saloon stand
- Added grapebranch and grapebranch2 to give command
- Added eyes, stabledoor, knife, gun, and dynamite emojis
- Added tree branches that randomly spawn on main map
- Added ability to get meat on tree branches
- Added ability to cook raw meat using campfires
- Added park location to main map
- Added abandoned boats rental shack
- Added statue of Equestrian General to the park
- Added two zebra assault rifles
- Added the ability to sprint by pressing space
- Improved some of the sprites
- Improved the Saloon and Main map
- Improved Stable doors
- Improved Harbor
- Fixed jumpy battlesaddles and guns animations
- Fixed one of the manes looking incorrectly when head was turned
- Fixed croissant emoji not working
- Fixed cave mushrooms clipping on players
- Fixed give lantern, crystal and crystallantern not working
- Fixed one of the front leg accessories having an unsued color
- Fixed stablekitty head turning animation occasionally being jumpy
- Fixed players spawning inside buildings in some occasions
- Updated the day/night cycle to make nights last longer
- Updated the sunset/sunrise colors
- Updated island house
- Updated contributors and staff list
- Updated water rock waves colors, reverted one water rock being replaced with a skull
- Updated pier leg, boat wake, splash, boop splash water colors
- Updated the big pine tree
- Updated unable to load game message
- Updated link colors on the main site
- Removed ears clipping on two helmets, improved ears clipping on two helmets
- Removed xmas weapons box from Stable1
- Removed unused colors for one of the back legs accessory


A quick bugfix update. It was released on March 21 2020.

- Added the ability for mobile users to sprint
- Updated the help page
- Fixed the colliders on the abandoned boats rental shack
- Fixed one tree's shadow clipping over the cliff
- Fixed some layering issues with the new house


Another bugfix update. Released on 24th March 2020

- Added a fix in settings for players on a desktop/laptop who are experiencing constant sprinting
- Fixed being able to walk/fly through big bombs
- Fixed being able to fly though the statue in the park
- Fixed spawning on top of the cracks on the island dock
- Fixed being able to glitch through the wall in the saloon
- Fixed one of the stable doors kicking you when you are not on a trigger


V1.14.0 Update 1.jpg
V1.14.0 Update 2.jpg
V1.14.0 Update 3.jpg
V1.14.0 Update 4.jpg
V1.14.0 Update 5.jpg
V1.14.0 Update 6.jpg

Added in some new weather options to the Wasteland Map, a number of environmental items, general improvements made to the maps, and new character customisations options. This update was released on March 31st 2020.

- Added weather!
- Added 2 new types of weather: rain and radstorm
- Added new audio tracks for rain and radstorms
- Added ability for Tier 2 supporters and higher to change weather on their own private islands! Use /weather [typeofweatherhere] (without the brackets)
- Added four new guns to the battle saddle
- Added pool cues
- Added pool cues to /give command
- Added a general error for the give command if it could not find the object
- Added 3 new drinks
- Added new drinks to /give command and vending machines
- Added roadblocks and metal hedgehogs to guard post location
- Added stone fence around Equestrian General in the park location
- Added half-walls for the Stable
- Added watch towers to main map
- Added triangle tents, square tents, picnic tables, MRE boxes, ammo boxes to main map
- Added new colliders that disable flying while inside tents
- Added toxic waste dump location to main map
- Added holstered revolvers waist accessories
- Added a holster with straps waist accessory
- Added extra colors for the jacket chest accessory
- Added four tiled floors to house floors
- Added new palette to labcoat
- Added radiation particles to barrels
- Improved some of the sprites
- Improved being able to see through objects while behind them
- Improved color of the warning messages under the play button
- Improved some of the colors of the in-game UI
- Improved cave
- Improved Stable
- Improved main map
- Improved Saloon
- Increased Saloon size
- Increased interactive range of saloon cabinets
- Updated the team page to include all of our wonderful new staff!
- Updated the contributors list
- Removed grapebranch and grapebranch2 from /give command
- Removed color picker for battle saddle weapons
- Fixed positions of held pistols
- Fixed some of the map objects being mispositioned   
- Fixed Saloon entrance always being unlit
- Fixed one of the backpacks missing animations
- Fixed one of the pine trees missing roots
- Fixed one of the roaches having incorrect waypoints
- Fixed the saloon spawn sometimes not allowing you to join the game
- Fixed being able to fly through the stable door
- Fixed being able to fly behind the boat shack


A quick bugfix adjusting and updating a number of visual things. This update was released May 1st 2020.

- Added the R key to usable keys for sprinting
- Adjusted the amount of green there is during a radstorm
- Adjusted the position of barbed wire on the watch towers
- Adjusted the sites background
- Updated the controls section of the help page
- Updated the contact information on the help page
- Lowered the volume of the saloon tracks a bit
- Fixed the stable door auto-kicking triggers being removed
- Fixed play button not showing servers in some cases
- Fixed some players getting kicked with a focus error message
- Fixed the /unstuck command not working in the saloon
- Fixed the color of the portrait box not being set correctly
- Fixed the bottom portion of the stable doors not being see through
- Fixed the clean fridge house item giving you the dirty fridge sprite instead
- Fixed the position of bottle placements on the round saloon tables
- Fixed one of the saloon window sprites being slightly off center
- Fixed getting a green bottle despite picking up a brown bottle
- Fixed the waypoints of one of the radroaches
- Optimized server performance


An emergency update dealing with VK login not functioning. Released on June 2nd 2020, just 39 Minutes after v1.14.1

- Added weather details slider in settings
- Fixed some weather issues
- Fixed VKontakte login not working
- Optimized server performance


V1.15.0 Update 1.jpg
V1.15.0 Update 2.jpg
V1.15.0 Update 3.jpg
V1.15.0 Update 4.jpg
V1.15.0 Update 5.jpg
V1.15.0 Update 6.jpg
V1.15.0 Update 7.jpg
V1.15.0 Update 8.gif

This update added in the Sewers as well as a number of items, objects, and customization options. The first vendor, Copper Caps, was introduced. This update also marks the first time an update was announced on the Ashes.Town twitter handle. It was released on June 24th 2020.

- Added the Sewers
- Added NPC shop UI
- Added switch inventory action button
- Added /listinventory command
- Added OOC (out of character) command /c or /ooc
- Added OOC chat switcher and OOC chat lock
- Added ability to give items to other players
- Added ability to mismatch ears and wings
- Added placeable campfires
- Added 7 damaged ears
- Added 2 new hats
- Added 3 new battle saddle weapons
- Added mouth-held 9mm pistol, 9mm smg, 10mm pistol, 10mm smg, .44 Magnum revolver, 12.7mm Pistol, scrap pistol, scrap revolver, laser raygun, plasma blaster, flaregun, spear, blowtorch and duct tape
- Added sugarbomb, drapis, chicken and new items to /give command
- Added pony, unicorn, zebra, bat pony, changeling and wing emojis
- Added displaying the changelog after a game update
- Added a glow to all UI box elements
- Added window boards, sofas, beds, kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, crates, ammo boxes, safes, roadblock, hedgehog, clock, floor lamp, trashbin, MRE box to house items
- Added the ability to place drinks back on saloon tables
- Added lemonade and mug to saloon drinks
- Added some buildings and long tents to Main map
- Caps now spawn more frequently based on how many players are online
- Replaced all old held mouth weapons with new sprites
- Renamed other tab to items tab
- Improved random cap placement
- Improved the site background
- Improved the Main, Stable and Saloon maps
- Improved the light emitted by rad barrels
- Improved some sprites
- Updated Stable design
- Updated Saloon outerior look
- Updated assault rifle, automatic shotgun, minigun, AK rifle and grenade launcher battle saddle weapons
- Updated the Help and Contributors pages
- Updated the apple logo on the actions page for mobile users
- Updated icons for several action buttons
- Updated the Overmare's messages
- Adjusted weather start and end timers
- Adjusted Saloon sofas width
- Adjusted stands
- Adjusted positions of several battle saddle weapons
- Adjusted sprite positioning and colliders of some objects
- Adjusted positioning of some of held items
- Fixed character tags not updating in some cases
- Fixed one of the sleeves breaking when kissing
- Fixed music sometimes playing for a split second when changing areas
- Fixed site background on loading page
- Fixed waypoints of several radroaches
- Fixed random collectable items from spawning on colliders
- Optimized game performance
- Optimized server performance


A little bugfix which added in a number of commands relating to the campfire, The update was released on June 24th 2020, just 7 Hours and a Minute later than 1.15.1. This update does not specify it's version, however is implied based on the surrounding update versions.

- Added /rc command to remove campfire
- Added /removecampfire and /rc commands to the Help page
- Moved the /removecampfire and /listinventory action buttons to the actions tab
- Removed testing chem lights around the main map
- Fixed one of the ears not saving patterns
- Fixed collider issues in the sewers
- Fixed some misplaced radiation particles
- Fixed some issues with the ooc chat commands
- Fixed not being able to remove campfires with the broom tool
- Fixed not being able to remove some house items


A very minor bugfix which was not even mentioned as a separate post, instead edited into the bottom of the prior update log. This update was likely released on June 24th 2020.

Update 1.15.2 fixed the issue of not being able to click on entities. Oops.


the doorway for mischouse2 cleared in the promotional image for update v1.15.3 on VK.

Multiple maps and sprites were improved as well as a number of updates and fixes. The update was released on June 30th 2020.

- Added floorhanger, ruined sink and ruined toilet to house items
- Added 5 new battlesaddle weapons
- Added "Evergrain" drink to Saloon cabinet and /give command
- Added ability to change the brightness by pressing the F10 key
- Improved Stable
- Improved Sewers
- Improved main map
- Improved some of the sprites
- Lowered the total number of caps that spawn per player
- Made bottom right house accessible
- Updated rule regarding ERP
- Updated the Contributor and Help pages
- Updated OOC text color slightly
- Fixed head accessories layering over battle saddle weapons and wings
- Fixed one mask being layered behind the ears
- Fixed OOC message type ignorning chatlog range
- Fixed flipped ear not updating correctly
- Fixed positions of some weapons
- Fixed Mint-Als buy/sell messages
- Fixed some actions buttons not saving on reload
- Fixed interactable items not working in some cases
- Fixed water tiles dirt not matching the main dirt tile


Copper Caps displaying the effects of Drinking Alcoholic beverages and clearing them in the promotional .gif for update v1.16.0

The update added in the Intoxication effect gained by drinking Alcoholic beverages, as well as Whiskey Shot the vendor who sells drinks. A number of customization options and other features were also included. This update was released on September 17th 2020.

- Added drunk effects
- Added new options in settings
- Added drinkable beverages by using /drink or by pressing E
- Added upgraded house tools
- Added new keybinds for house tools (check the help page for list of new keybinds)
- Added ability to click/tap to open stable doors
- Added bartender NPC to the saloon
- Added front leg armor section to other tab
- Added 9 new front manes
- Added 4 new back manes
- Added 1 new tail, ear, body pattern, chest accessory, and waist accessory
- Added 3 new masks
- Added 5 new hats
- Added 6 new neck accessories
- Added extra patterns to certain items
- Added ability to select custom blush color
- Added Enclave crate, water dispenser and terminals to house items
- Added refillable cider mugs to the saloon
- Added NPC tags to all NPCs as well as gave them proper names
- Added new drink emojis
- Added entrable house in bottom right
- Added glass to certain masks
- Updated the contributors and team pages
- Updated items used in /give command
- Updated the ToS and Private Policy
- Updated sprite-bot design
- Updated main map
- Improved the overall design of the saloon, sewer, stable, and cave maps
- Improved inventory command/action
- Improved house action icons
- Improved design of stable doors
- Improved the campfire sprites
- Improved cave crystal sprites
- Improved the design of the park statue
- Improved various other sprites
- Improved water wakes
- Improved leg prosthetic animation
- Improved manhole teleporters
- Improved vending machine
- Increased the cap spawn rate
- Changed design of Patreon and Discord pony mascots
- Changed arsenal tab to other tab
- Changed the name of some house music tracks
- Changed /unstuck command to send you to the main map if you are on a party map
- Campfires now are placed with the hammer tool
- Removed the campfire tool
- Removed how to use stable door tutorial
- Removed unnecessary emoji
- Removed excessive colors from certain leg accessories, mask, hats
- Fixed some map errors
- Fixed duplication bug for all inventory items
- Fixed radroaches waypoints
- Fixed battlesaddle layering
- Fixed wings being drawn before held items
- Fixed offsets for some of the manes
- Fixed picking up wrong bottle in saloon
- Fixed mug overlaying players in mischouse2
- Fixed tables in one of the tents on main map
- Fixed benches on main map
- Fixed the saloon building sprite from "popping" in and out
- Fixed some chat messages being in the wrong tab
- Fixed default mask color being the same color as hair
- Fixed face accessories default color being pure black
- Optimized weather performance
- Optimized game performance


A bugfix update which included a number of quality of life improvements, released on September 18th 2020.

- Added interaction/use action button
- Added a party house sign to the main map
- Added ability to switch between items of house tools by pressing E
- Added ability to use drunk bubbles in the expressions editor
- Added /bubbles command to enable drunk bubbles
- Updated the help page with info regarding the drunk effects
- Updated the help, about, and contributor pages
- Removed alcohol beverages from the switch edible item to hold action
- Fixed manes not showing properly with some hats
- Fixed update gif not updating in some cases
- Fixed crate see-through covers
- Fixed not being able to drink some beverages in the saloon
- Fixed levitating boxes of misc items and explosives
- Fixed facial hair layering issues with the battle saddle


A "Late night" bugfix update, Released on September 20 2020.

- Added a bubble to custom expression icon with "drunk" selected
- Changed the duration of drunk effects; The more you drink, the longer the effect lasts
- Increased the light range from the Floor lamp in the house entities
- Removed vodka from switch edibles action
- Removed being able to obtain alcoholic beverages from outside the saloon
- Fixed house entities with on/off lights not working
- Fixed drunk effect not saving levels on map switch
- Fixed drunk effect removing bubbles from custom expressions in some cases
- Fixed issues with undo/redo house action


The Ashes Town logo as posted on Vkontakte promoting the v1.16.3 update

An update which fixes a number of bugs and adds some Quality of Life features. Released on September 27th 2020.

- Added notification alert for browsers that don't support drunk effects
- Added force-enable option for drunk effects on unsupported browsers
- Added stable walls to house walls
- Added more window types to house items
- Added screwdriver and sledgehammer emojis
- Added /clearhouse chat command and action
- Added ability to change house item type when using hammer tool by double-tapping for mobile devices
- Added holdable screwdriver
- Added Facebook as a sign-up option
- Replaced brush tool with switch object type tool
- Grouped more house items together
- Made Discord be login only
- Made boat piers fly-throughable
- Made lemonade glass drinkable
- Enabled drunk chat slurring option to work when drunk effects option is disabled
- Updated party island design
- Updated cave entrance/exit
- Improved main map
- Improved tree colliders
- Improved some sprites
- Improved order of inventory items
- Fixed sprite positioning of some house items
- Fixed front legs armor missing some colors on some frames
- Fixed player character head moving one pixel up when using certain expressions while wearing a battlesaddle
- Fixed some map errors
- Fixed hood mask rendering on top of the wings
- Fixed radroaches waypoints
- Fixed not being able to interact with stuff by booping when heavily drunk
- Spelling is magic season 2: Return of the grammar


The NPC Death Grip wandering around an autumn landscape while the new volume capabilities are displayed in the promotional .gif for update v1.17.0

The Autumn season was released for the first time, a new NPC was introduced named Death Grip, and a plethora of new content was introduced including new music options and customization options. This update was released October 16th 2020. This update also marks the earliest update recorded on the Ashes.Town About page.

- Autumn has arrived!
- Added 6 new head accessories
- Added 3 new tails
- Added 3 new face accessories
- Added 3 new battle-saddle weapons
- Added 1 new mask
- Added windy autumn weather
- Added 1 new pattern to the hood mask and hood head accessories
- Added water bottles on bowls for Saloon and made them place-able to tables
- Added disable UI option (in cogwheel in top right OR via F6)
- Added new raider NPC on the main map
- Completely revamped the in-game audio system:
  - Added separate ambient audio slider
  - Added 1 new main music track
  - Added 2 new saloon music tracks
  - Added 1 new sewers music tracks
  - Renamed some house tracks
  - Removed theme and wanderer tracks
  - Removed all commercial tracks from the house
- Sorted all house items in alphabetical order
- Updated one head accessory helmet
- Updated the help page
- Changed the color of the party notification to grey
- Improved some mane patterns
- Improved stable doors
- Improved some mouth held objects positions
- Improved some sprites
- Improved the main and stable maps
- Fixed house objects that emit light not being saved or cleared correctly
- Fixed various map errors
- Fixed changing types of some house objects kicking players from the game
- Fixed screwdriver emoji not working in chat
- Fixed Kepler's waypoints
- Fixed radroach waypoints
- Fixed face accessories
- Fixed toys offsets with some head accessories
- Fixed toys from disappearing in water in some cases
- Fixed saloon drinks shelf interact range


A Skeleton animating and looking around their alcove in the caves in the promotional .gif for update v1.17.1

The Halloween update is released for the second and last time. A number of customization options were added, landmines were added across the Wasteland map which will kick nearby players out of the game if caught in the blast radius, and the NPC Death grip was removed and replaced with their hanging body. This update was released on October 26th 2020.

- Halloween is here!
- Added fog weather for Halloween
- Added 2 new Halloween tracks
- Added landmines to main map
- Added various event related objects
- Added dead bodies and ghouls
- Added 2 face accessories
- Added consumable mintals
- Added /eat command
- Added /consume command that functions like /eat and /drink
-  a ban appeals link to the bottom of the site
- Added a notification when using an unofficial mobile app
- Made sewer water swimmable
- Improved some sprites
- Improved 1 helmet pattern
- Updated Help and About pages
- Renamed some of the music tracks
- Fixed ambient tracks not looping in some cases
- Fixed map errors
- Fixed Kepler's and some radroach's waypoints
- Fixed some sleeves breaking when kissing
- Removed raider NPC


This minor update added a number of edible items as well as the ability to be kicked to the mainscreen when overdossing on Mint-als and Alcoholic beverages. This update was released on the 30th of October 2020.

- Added more edible items
- Added ability to die from overdosing on Mint-als and alcohol
- Improved eating and drinking effects
- Updated sewers
- Updated play warning message
- Fixed some issues with landmines
- Removed water and Mint-als from "switch edibles to hold" action


- Finished Halloween event
- Added more edible items
- Updated landmine mechanic
- Improved sewers
- Improved some sprites
- Fixed bugs


- Added 4 new front leg armor pieces
- Added 3 new manes
- Added shelter map
- Added cardboard box and window shutters to house items
- Updated Help page
- Updated main map
- Updated Saloon
- Improved some sprites
- Improved character water wakes
- Fixed map errors


- Added 4 new front leg armor pieces
- Added 3 new manes
- Added shelter map
- Added cardboard box and window shutters to house items
- Updated Help page
- Updated main map
- Updated Saloon
- Improved some sprites
- Improved character water wakes
- Fixed map errors


- Improved some sprites
- Fixed Consume button and its color
- Fixed incorrectly displayed character names
- Fixed hat and toy positioning for some manes
- Fixed ear accessories being layered on top of one mane
- Fixed excessive colors for a face pattern and a headband
- Fixed Kepler's waypoints
- Fixed map errors


- Added snow weather
- Added 1 new mane
- Added 1 new neck accessory
- Added 3 new emojis
- Added 2 new winter tracks to the main map
- Added 2 new winter tracks to the saloon
- Added ability to eat chicken and meat on sticks
- Added item rejection message
- Added new house items:
  ∙ targets
  ∙ vertical wooden doors
  ∙ horizontal/vertical metal doors
- Added an extra pattern to the plush toy
- Updated Help page
- Improved toy positioning with hats
- Improved main and cave maps
- Improved ear accessory positioning with some ears
- Fixed one of the tails being detached when sitting while drunk
- Fixed being able to place campfires too close to other campfires
- Fixed map errors


The Overmare standing in front of a Hearth's Warming Tree in the promotional image for Update v1.18.1

This update introduced the Hearth's Warming Eve event for the first time, it replaced the Christmas seasonal event from the prior year. It was released on the 27th of December 2020.

- Happy Hearth's Warming!
- Added gifts to collect
- Added 7 new toys
- Added 4 new battle saddle guns
- Added 1 new mouth-held gun
- Added 2 new holiday tracks to the main map
- Added caps HUD
- Added ability to trade caps with other players
- Added ability to get water from water dispensers
- Added /toy command to change toy on your head (/toy 1)
- Added various new sprites to all maps
- Added raven NPCs to main map
- Added being able to see through cargo crates and Saloon roof
- Added holiday weapons
- Redesigned the island map
- Improved main and Stable maps
- Improved sprites
- Improved 1 mane
- Improved gryphon beak expressions
- Improved eating chicken
- Improved the names of some songs
- Adjusted toy odds
- Updated the contributors list
- Updated the Help page commands list
- Fixed not being able to eat cookies using interaction hotkey
- Fixed buried barrel colors
- Fixed not being able to walk on beds floating in water
- Fixed various map errors
- Removed ability to fly under house roofs and inside watch towers
- Removed being able to buy or sell gifts from Copper Caps


- Fixed gift inventory not updating when trading
- Fixed previously added mouth held gun not being switchable via the action button
- Fixed various map errors


- The changelog pop-up now properly shows all updates within a major version
- Improved main map
- Improved the campfire collider
- Fixed various map errors
- Fixed presents not spawning during New Years event
- Fixed the Overmare having an incorrect hat for their icon


the Overmare nodding at Whiskey Shot in the promotional .gif for Update v1.18.4

This update added the nodding Action Button and related command, re-enabling discord sign-up, and many other improvements and fixes. The update was released on January 26th 2021.

- Added /nod command and action button
- Added coordinates to statistics (enable in settings)
- Added tiled wall type for house building
- Added shadows to houses on main map and island
- Enabled Discord as a sign-up option
- Increased the effects duration of Mint-als
- Improved statistics design/placement
- Improved in-game caps counter
- Improved the small bridge
- Improved exterior design of the Saloon and cave elevator a tad
- Updated the Stable terminal design
- Fixed interaction area of Saloon shelves
- Fixed watch tower teleports


The Overmare dropping a number of items in front of Muffin Time in the promotional .gif for update v1.19.0

A big update which revamped the player's inventory, implemented a system to indicate if a player typing, introduced three vendor NPCs, added a number character customisation options, music tracks, and house items; and the Stable and Sewer map were updated. The update was released on April 1st 2021.

- Added inventory system
- Added inventory system related settings
- Added being able to drop items on the ground
- Added typing indicator balloon
- Added new trading system with rolling trades
- Added gun, toy and food trader NPCs
- Added being able to buy drinks from vending machines
- Added Russian language localization
- Added games settings to the main menu
- Added 4 new manes
- Added 1 new front legs armor piece
- Added back legs armor
- Added 4 new back legs armor pieces
- Added short pants sleeves
- Added long and short torn pants sleeves
- Added long and short torn chest sleeves
- Added patterns to bandaged legs accessory
- Added extra colors to one of the body patterns
- Added 2 new island music tracks
- Added 1 new ambient track for the main and island maps
- Added 1 new ambient track for the sewers
- Added interior ambience tracks to party house and Saloon
- Added 4 doors, medkits, bigger wooden tables house items
- Added ability to smoke cigars
- Added ability to see through most buildings when you stand behind them
- Overhauled sewers design
- Updated game logo and icon
- Updated rules
- Updated UI
- Updated Stable and main map
- Updated Contributors page
- Updated About page
- Updated Help page
- Fixed grapes not being edible
- Fixed sprite positioning for one of the pine trees
- Fix actions bar being unscrollable in some cases
- Fixed Mint-Als emoji not working
- Fixed being able to put campfires inside teleport areas
- Fixed missile launcher battle saddle weapon have incorrect color when sitting
- Fixed radroach waypoints
- Fixed some of the manes being on top of eyelashes
- Fixed some spelling errors on some track names
- Fixed caps counter not showing up when interacting with a trader
- Fixed map errors
- Fixed other minor bugs
- Improved Saloon
- Improved Stable doors
- Improved picking up caps
- Improved zebra rifle battle saddle weapon sprite
- Improved shield and confetti emojis
- Improved confetti gun animation
- Improved sprites
- Improved medkit accessory design
- Improved bandaged legs accessory
- Improved layering order of front legs armor and Pipbucks
- Removed old island winter tracks
- Removed switch held object actions
- Removed <code>/give</code> command
- Removed item crates
- Spelling is magic
- Optimized client performance
- Optimized server performance


A minor update which refined the caps mechanic, added other items and customisation options. The update was released on 2nd April 2021.

- Added pants with pockets
- Added rare cap bundle drops
- Added highlights to collectible caps
- Added Mint-Als as a buyable item to Copper Caps
- Fixed drop action button
- Fixed client not being in sync with server when dropping an inventory item
- Fixed not being able to read chat message preview over action icons
- Fixed toy and hat accessory offsets for new manes


An image of Fangholm Park promoting update v1.19.2

Reverting the maps back to the Spring/Summer Variant, price adjustments, and other bug and grammar fixes. The update was released on April 7th 2021.

- It is now Spring!
- Added 1 new horn
- Added mobile inventory scrolling
- Adjusted NPC tag color
- Adjusted cap/cap bundle spawn rates
- Adjusted the prices of some purchasable inventory items:
  - Orange, Banana, Pear, and Mango (3 => 5)
  - Grapes (5 => 8)
  - Beer (3 => 8)
  - Flare Gun (30-50 => 3-5)
- Reduced all sell prices for every NPC by 40%
- Updated the Contributors page
- Fixed sewers spawn from placing you in a wall sometimes
- Fixed purchasable flare gun being a fence when held
- Fixed brown beer bottle making you sober instead of drunk
- Fixed inventory sync issues
- Fixed inventory disappearing when accounts are merged
- Fixed Copper Caps interaction range
- Fixed wrong scrollbar color in some cases
- Fixed various map errors
- Fixed a clone being made when a staff member cages a player
- Fixed NPC profile box showing as a normal player in some cases
- Spelling is magic


A minor bugfix update. The update was released on April 7th 2021, 3 hours and 2 minutes after v1.19.2.

- Improved item storing
- Changed how picking up items works (items go directly into inventory if not already holding something)
- Fixed snow patches on island during spring season
- Fixed inventory not working on mobile


A small update which provides more functionality to the Party House as well as changing a number of Stack sizes. The update was released on April 13th 2021

- Added store (inventory) action button
- Added more variations to some house objects:
  - Bathtub
  - Sink
  - Toilet
- Added more Russian localizations
- Added ability to disable house tools shortcuts in settings
- Increased the time it takes for carrots to grow
- Increased the max stack size for some items:
  - Muffin (1 => 16)
  - Chicken (1 => 16)
  - MRE (1 => 16)
  - Flares (1 => 16)
  - Chems (1 => 16)
  - Cigars (1 => 64) 
- Improved various sprites
- Changed scrollbar color
- Fixed not being able to pick up carrots
- Fixed old vending machine layering issues in the cave


A default pony wearing a ranger hat and a brush gun demonstrating the new inventory mechanics in the promotional .gif for update v1.20.0

The update expanded the player's inventory, added and expanded new Patreon rewards, added a number of items and character customisation options, and improved sprites around the maps. This update was released on June 25 2021.

Extended inventory!
Updated Patreon rewards:
  - New additional inventory slots
  - New extra slots for party members
  - New extra days to preserve parties
  - New extra slots for friends
  - New longer AFK timeout
  (Please see Patreon site for specific numbers for each tier)
Added 1 new hat accessory
Added 1 new battlesaddle gun
Added sickle, clean and dirty bandages to trader items
Added ham radio sets and side view of oven to house items
Added loading screen
Added Russian localization to character editor
Added Russian localization to Account page
Added pop-up names to working vending machines
Updated both Stable maps
Updated house toolbox sprite
Updated Contributors list
Updated About page
Improved various sprites
Improved main map
Improved shelter
Improved caps emoji
Fixed being able to block carrot farm entrance with campfire
Fixed gun trader missing some of the weapons
Fixed Stable medical wall of a door not being transparent
Fixed colliders of various objects
Fixed various map errors
Fixed one of the manes overlaying ears
Fixed both left and right leg armor pieces being labeled as left armor piece
Fixed one of Ping-Pong's messages being logged in chat
Removed light emitted by pickable caps
Removed holding caps in mouth when picking them up


a changeling lighting a flare in the Saloon in the promotional .gif for Update v1.21.0

An update which added in some new body options, preserving your facial expression when doing actions, a new walking animation, new items and toys, and an ambient light source to the Chipped Hoof. The update was released on September 20 2021.

- Added Terms of Service confirmation popup
- Added RU localization to:
  • In-game pop-up messages
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
- Added ambient light to Saloon
- Added radroach toy
- Added new customization option for body section
- Added changeling extra body accessory 
- Added 1 head accessory
- Added walking animation
- Added preserving mouth expression when holding items and nodding
- Added option to display face accessory above/below mask accessory
- Added ability to light up flares
- Rewrite of screen effect (drunk and drugs effect)
- Increased max stack of clipboards 1 -> 8
- Increased max stack of both bandages 1 -> 8
- Improved some clothing animations
- Improved some sprites
- Increased AFK timer for tier 3 supporters from 45 min to 60 min
- Fixed supporter party preservation issues
- Fixed supporter AFK kick timer
- Fixed drunk effects not working on some browsers
- Fixed inventory resetting on quick reconnects
- Fixed not being able to open extra inventory in some cases
- Fixed /objectlimits command not working
- Fixed mechanical eye accessory overlapping hair
- Fixed rear leg bottom armor piece being cropped incorrectly when sitting
- Fixed rear leg overlaying pants pocket when sitting
- Fixed rear leg armor overlaying labcoat
- Fixed other various sprite bugs related to clothing and animations
- Fixed being able to get out-of-bounds in the Stable
- Fixed various other map errors
- Removed some NPC messages appearing in chat
- Removed lit flares from trader inventory
- Updated rules
- Optimized server performance


A promotional image for update v1.21.1, the image was exclusively posted on VK as a major feature of this bug-fix was dedicated towards said platform.

A quick bug-fix. It was released on 19th of September 2021.

- Added 1 new (diamond dog) tail
- Improved walking animation
- Improved some sprites
- Fixed being unable to login using VK
- Fixed muzzles clipping through new helmet when also wearing a battle saddle
- Fixed toys levitating above head when wearing last two head accessories
- Fixed browsers being able to translate player profile and trader item prices
- Fixed changeling fill colors not being linked with outline colors
- Fixed changeling belly lines not being visible
- Fixed buttmarks being displayed on top of the changeling shell


Another simple bug-fix update, released on 12th October 2021.

 - Added dates to the changelog
 - Added changelog localization
 - Improved the main map
 - Improved some sprites
 - Slowed down walking speed a bit
 - Fixed some issues with trades
 - Fixed patreon rewards not matching correct tier


An adjoining .gif for update v1.21.3, shows Autumn leaves in the wind

This update changed the Wasteland map to its Autumn variant for the second year, as well as fixed a number of things. This update occurred on the 13th of October 2021.

- Season changed to Autumn!
- Fixed more Patreon reward issues
- Fixed supporter rewards list on the account page
- Fixed disable/enable popup messages being reversed in some cases
- Fixed various map errors
- Fixed eyes opening wide when nodding


Muffin Time waving a Scythe around near Copper Caps in the promotional .gif for update v1.21.4

The introduction of the rebranded the Halloween seasonal even in the form of Nightmare night. new customizations options, toys, and emoticons were added; as well as two new weapons. This update was released on October 24th 2021.

- Nightmare Night!
- Added more spookiness!
- Ping-Pong's toys on sale during Nightmare Night event!
- Added new Nightmare Night song "Total Eclipse"
- Added electric prods and scythes
- Added 6 new manes
- Added 3 new toys
- Added 2 new face patterns
- Added 5 new emojis
- Added more russian localization
- Scythes will be available to buy from Copper Caps every day during Nightmare Night
- Changed day cycle during Nightmare Night event
- Improved some sprites
- Improved Nuka and Sparkle sign lights
- Improved toy and head accessory offsets with some manes
- Fixed various issues with Patreon rewards
- Fixed some issues with back legs bottom armor pieces
- Fixed wearing front leg gloves on one leg making accessory on the other leg to be displayed above chest sleeves
- Fixed griffon claws being displayed under front leg gloves
- Fixed ear being displayed under manes when wearing Enclave earless mask
- Fixed not being able to put campfires near Saloon during night time
- Fixed being able to put campfires under utility poles
- Fixed some map errors


A minor update fixing various bugs. It was released on the 31st of October 2021.

- Improved some manes
- Improved some mane patterns
- Improved some sprites
- Improved night time light in Saloon
- Improved radroach waypoints
- Fixed "Export pony" button not appearing for Tier 0 supporters
- Fixed various issues when server time is frozen
- Fixed various issues with manes
- Fixed issues with front leg gloves patterns
- Fixed other various issues with character sprites
- Fixed map errors


A pony a bathtub promoting update v1.21.6, this image was only posted on VK

This update concludes the Nightmare night Seasonal Event, as well as allowed Ponys to enter horizontal Baths. It was released on 22nd of November 2021.

- Nightmare Night is over
- Added ability to enter baths
- Added /cleanhouse alias to /clearhouse command
- Improved power armor helmet patterns
- Improved Help page
- Fixed colliders sometimes not being removed when removing a house object
- Fixed layering issues with power armor helmet
- Fixed issues with power armor mask
- Fixed some issues with Patreon


Whiskey Shot displaying the new Drinks Cabinet UI for update 1.21.8

This update changed the map to be it's Winter variant, as well as introduced a new UI for the Drinks Cabinet. It was released on the 7th of December 2021.

- Winter!
- Added drinks selection window to Saloon cabinets and shelves
- Added 1 new waist accessory
- Added 2 new patterns to head bandages
- Added more russian localization
- Added Stable tiles to placeable house tiles
- Improved Saloon outerior lights
- Improved some sprites
- Fixed Supporter tag not being visible in character editor
- Fixed animated inventory items sometimes having weird colors
- Fixed Saloon window light clipping through characters at night
- Fixed being able to walk away from trader while trading window is open
- Fixed various typos
- Fixed map errors


All NPCs at the Chipped Hoof promoting update 1.21.8

This update introduced the Hearth's Warming Seasonal event for a second time. This update was released on the 25th of December 2021.

- Happy Hearth's Warming!
- Added holiday weapons to Copper Cap' trades
- Ping-Pong's toys on sale for the holidays!
- Added ability to separate front legs patterns
- Added ability to separate back legs patterns
- Added ability to separate sleeves
- Added workbench to house items
- Improved some sprites
- Improved some mane patterns
- Improved main map
- Improved landmines explosion animation
- Slightly increased landmines explosion radius
- Slightly lowered landmines time until detonation
- Slightly lowered brightness of Stable
- Fixed being able to switch to same character
- Fixed expression changing when holding items
- Fixed using house toolbox removing held item
- Fixed being able to block entrance to Copper Caps with a campfire
- Fixed Nitro Express wearing inappropriate clothing for a cold winter
- Fixed issues with torn sleeves
- Fixed map errors


The adjoining .gif for Version 1.22.0, promoting the updated Stable

This update introduced a revamped Stable design, it also changed the Wasteland map into its Spring variant. It was released on March 5th 2022.

- Spring time!
- New Years event is over
- Added rain to be present during spring
- Added new Stable decorations
- Improved Stable design
- Updated Stable entrance floor
- Updated Stable second floor
- Added new house items:
— Doublebeds and their rotated variants
— Corner kitchen cabinets and their rotated variants
— Rotated variants of kitchen oven, sink and cabinets
- Added highlighting to friend list to friends who are online
- Added see-through to wall weapons mount and Stable folding screen
- Updated balaclava and respirator masks to render their neck parts under neck accessories
- Updated Contributors page
- Updated Team page
- Improved mane #56
- Improved some sprites
- Improved cabinets positioning and colliders
- Renamed "Oven" to "Kitchen oven"
- Renamed "Oven power table" to "Kitchen oven power table"
- Removed icy lakes during spring
- Fixed characters sometimes opening mouths when yawning even if an item was held
- Fixed island radroach waypoints
- Fixed front cyber legs clipping through chest accessory sleeves
- Fixed "Match leg patterns" function not applying to front right leg
- Fixed some tiled floor tiles missing a corner
- Fixed some sprites being rendered incorrectly on some mobile devices
- Fixed Contributors page autoscrolling down
- Fixed problems with removing/dropping items from inventory
- Fixed problems with are displayed dates in the changelog
- Fixed being able to block path to the left of Nitro Express using a campfire
- Fixed other map errors


The adjoining .gif for Version 1.22.1

A bugfix update which also included a number of new building options and the addition of the Book item. This update was added on April 2nd, 2022.

- Added pickable books to Stable
- Added new house items:
— Light, dark and rustic wooden doors
— Pineapple pizza box
- Added shelter walls to house walls
- Added more littering to main, sewers and cave maps
- Made dock planks wider
- Improved mug and pizza sprites
- Improved sitting up and down animations
- Improved shelter map
- Fixed problems with NPC seasonal outfits
- Fixed characters missing front right leg in some cases
- Fixed problems with house wall sprites
- Fixed stop and holiday stop signs not matching positions when held
- Fixed Stable doors' green light "lagging behind" its terminal
- Fixed neck parts of masks not following the body when sitting or lying down
- Fixed some colors missing from some chest accessories when walking
- Fixed not being able to get cookies from Stable
- Fixed not being able to get water glasses from Stable
- Fixed bowls that were supposed to be grey being blue
- Fixed being able to clip through some houses
- Fixed map errors


A simple image promoting the 1.22.2 update

This update transitioned the Wasteland map from the Winter version to the default Summer variant. It was updated was added on July 14th, 2022.

- It's now Summer!
- Added double press to sprint
- Added UI to Stable elevators
- Added being able to use keyboard with Stable elevators UI
- Added smoke animation to lit cigarette
- Added more russian localization
- Updated Stable entrance floor
- Updated inventory UI
- Updated Team section
- Improved inventory item UI tooltip
- Improved inventory support for mobile
- Improved mobile controls UI
- Fixed pizza box variants missing from house items
- Fixed unable to remove some objects from house
- Fixed some issues with sprinting
- Fixed issues with some accessory patterns
- Fixed issues with some mane patterns
- Fixed map errors


a .gif hinting at Death Grip's return in the v1.23.0 update.

The Nightmare night seasonal event was added along side the Autumn season, this update added in the first elements of the Combat system included melee attacks the Health bar and the ability to heal from items, a vast number of Enemy NPCs began to spawn in the Sewers and the Radioactive waste dump including a very deadly foe, the update included a number of other bug features and bugfixes. This update was released on the 28th of October, 2022.

- Nightmare Night!
- Autumn!
- Suspicious activity near military base
- Suspicious activity near radioactive waste dump
- Radroaches now have life!
- Food/drinks now affect your health
- Killing enemies has a random chance to drop loot
- Ping-Pong's toys on sale for the event!
- Double-tap to sprint is now disabled by default
- Contaminated water can now damage you
- Added ability to cause violence
- Added more russian localization
- Added health system
- Added death screen
- Added haptic vibration feedback
- Added settings:
  — Vibration
  — Disable advanced joystick for mobile devices
  — Disable double press to sprint
- Added interactable drinking fountains to Stable
- Added being able to store partly-consumed branches of grapes
- Added CareX healing item (obtainable via loot)
- Added ping info to statistics
- Adjusted prices for some items
- Improved inventory items rendering
- Improved UI
- Updated branches of grapes to be consumed by one instead of whole
- Updated landmine behavior
- Updated Help page
- Updated Team page
- Updated character import function
- Removed mechanical safety checks of Stable doors
- Fixed some sprite issues
- Fixed map errors
- Fixed being able to friend a hidden player in some cases
- Fixed layering issues when combining front leg armor and pipbucks
- Fixed inventory blocking interactions in some cases
- Optimized game performance


A bugfix update which also improved the deadliness and frequency of enemy NPCs. This update was released on 30th October, 2022.

- Sewers enemy NPCs health and damage increases depending on player count on the map
- Increased amount of enemy NPCs
- Increased speed of enemy NPCs
- Increased visual varity of main map enemy NPCs
- Improved inventory items rendering
- Improved some sprites
- Slightly decreased enemy NPCs and radroaches respawn time
- Fixed sometiems being teleported back to initial joining position in a case of a reconnect
- Fixed being unable to send/receive whispers in some cases
- Fixed being unable to move after respawning in some cases
- Fixed party member character portraits disappearing if members are not visible on screen
- Fix profile box not being updated if player is selected
- Fixed walking enemy NPCs having trotting animation
- Fixed poof animation appearing when selecting offline party member
- Fixed being able to receive items when holding an inventory item
- Fixed map errors
- Optimized game performance


A bugfix update which improved a number of features related to the Enemy NPCs. This update was released on the 31st of October, 2022.

- Tweaked health regeneration
- Increased the drop rate of CareX
- NPCs now show the <NPC> tag at all times
- Improved inventory items rendering
- Improved some sprites
- Fixed player-placed campfires preventing interactions near them
- Fixed music playing when disabled in some cases
- Fixed ambient tracks mismatching current map in some cases 
- Fixed purple grape branch with a single grape not being storable
- Fixed incorrect popup text when attempting to hold an item when you are already holding something
- Fixed map errors
- Optimized server performance
- Optimized game performance


A promotional artwork in a .gif format displaying Death Grip's skull and the Krivbekhavi motionless in the sewers.

An update which added some more customisation options as well as the rendering of held items in the character editor. This update was released on the 8th of November, 2022.

- Added held item preview to character editor
- Added toggle option for held item preview to character editor
- Added ability to separate front hooves
- Added ability to separate back hooves
- Added 2 new manes
- Added 2 new back manes
- Added 1 new ear
- Added 1 new ear pattern to some ears
- Added melee swing animation
- Added books to be storable in inventory
- Added more russian localization
- Reworked how items affect health
- Tweaked NPC tag offsets
- Improved some sprites
- Improved UI
- Removed raider NPC and its acquaintances
- Fixed phantom NPCs tags
- Fixed some rendering issues
- Fixed map errors


The promotional .gif for v1.23.4 displaying a dramatised version of the trading system as well as the ability to customise controls.

The update which introduced both the 2022 Winter season and Hearth's Warming Seasonal event. A new trading system which allowed players to exhange larger ammounts of items and Caps. It also included a few new items, toys and Customisation options. The Update was released on the 19th of December, 2022.

- Winter!
- Hearth's Warming Event!
- Added player-to-player trading system
- Added ability to customize controls in settings
- Added 1 new body accessory
- Added 3 new toys
- Added new NPC to the Stable
- Added old missing items to Copper Caps' trades:
 — 2 potions
 — 1 syringe
- Added ability to open player profiles from friend list
- Added more russian localization
- Renamed "cigar" to "cigarette"
- Increased maximum amount of caps to be transferred to 10000
- Improved UI
- Improved some manes
- Improved some backmanes
- Improved some tail patterns
- Improved and updated some sprites
- Updated Team section
- Fixed clicking sound icon in settings closing the settings menu
- Fixed quotes being removed from a name in some cases
- Fixed ear accessory offsets for the far ear
- Fixed map errors
- Optimized server performance


The promotional .gif for v1.23.5, the image mirrors v1.21.8's promotional image, however is updated to include Mehanika and the new festive decoration.

An update which officially introduced the New Year's Seasonal Event for the second time (Only the closing of the respective New Years was documented in 2021 and 2022). Alongside a number of other features and bugfixes, gift items made a return from 2020 but now can be purchased near Ping-Pong, or alternativly dropped from the New Years Bosses. This update was released on 31st December 2022.

- Happy New Year!!!
- Added holiday event to main map
- Added function to open gifts
- Added purchaseable gifts from Ping-Pong
- Added holiday mark to gifts and confettis
- Added blizzard weather
- Added dialogues to Mehanika
- Fixed healthbar not updating in some cases
- Fixed caps not updating during trading in some cases
- Fixed various issues with controls
- Fixed some issues with sprites


A minor update which included a number of bugfixes, improved the event enemies, and returned the Seasonal weapons to Copper Cap's vendor list. The update was released on 2nd of January 2023.

- Sent event NPCs to gym, they are now STRONGer
- Improved inventory items rendering
- Improved some sprites
- Fixed boat travelling between dimensions
- Fixed Sign count being censored with "bad words" filter setting
- Fixed Copper Caps' Christmas stock not arriving
- Fixed map errors


See April Fools Update history for more details.


The promotional .gif for v1.24.0, depicting a number of vendor and Inhabitant NPCs enjoying the Stable's third level.

Transitioning the map back to the default Summer variant, adding in the Stable's third level, allowing for more facial customisation options as well as the addition of a Transparancy slider for said Facial Customisation, as well as making. This update was released on the 25th of April 2023.

- Summer
- Stable elevator to floor 3 has been repaired
- Added option to add a second layer of face markings
- Added 4 new manes
- Added 4 new back manes
- Added 1 new tail
- Added skull emoji
- Added dynamic HUD option
- Added open-wings function to changeling wings
- Improved leather jacket body accessory, added 1 new pattern
- Improved dreadlocks manes, added 2 new patterns
- Improved some open-wings animations
- Improved some other character and world sprites
- Improved Stable drinking fountains interaction 
- Improved russian localization
- Updated About/Contributors pages
- Increased max stack of cookies from 1 to 16
- Slightly increased festive knife spear damage
- Fixed some character sprite errors
- Fixed UI issues with inventory hotbar
- Fixed smooth camera misbehaving in some cases
- Fix incorrect chatlog timestamps in some cases
- Fixed map errors
- Removed some April Fools related changes
- Optimized client load time


A minor update which included fixing multiple bugs (including one that allowed the Opacity slider variable to be forced onto any Customisation option), and improving some sprites around the Stable's third level and the Statue in Fangholm park. The update was released on the 27th of April 2023.

- Updated Help page
- Improved Stable floor 3
- Improved some sprites
- Fixed issues with transparency
- Fixed missing changelog in About page
- Fixed some issues with new manes
- Fixed map errors


The promotional .gif for v1.25.0 depicting the map being expanded in a Super Mario style reference.

A major update which overhauled the Wasteland Map, the map was changed to the Autumn season for the fourth year, added in some new consumeable items, as well as modified the way that Melee damage is detected and ultimately calculated. This update was released on 9th September 2023.

- Autumn!
- Expanded and rehauled main map: 
— Expanded main map 4 times 
— Rehauled main map design 
— Expanded military base 
— Expanded park 
— Added police patrol station 
— Added dock 
— Added train bridge 
— Added highway 
— Added farms 
— Added various other locations
- Added different lengths to melee weapons
- Added descriptions to some inventory items
- Added potato, radish and pumpkin slices to Muffin Time's stock
- Added link to test server for 2-3 tier supporters to Account page
- Moved spawn location to main map
- Changed sledgehammer swing speed from 3.2 to 4.5 seconds
- Updated rendering order of neck accessories
- Updated Help and About pages
- Improved NPC spawning area
- Improved Saloon tables interaction
- Improved colliders of some objects
- Improved a lot of sprites
- Improved UI
- Fixed some problems with UI
- Fixed Saloon mug long interact range
- Fixed ear accessory #5 missing customizeable outlines
- Fixed some facial hair patterns having excessive colors
- Fixed far back leg not saving patterns in some cases
- Fixed masks being linked to mane color in some cases
- Fixed some problems with chest accessory sleeves
- Fixed map errors
- Optimized weather
- Optimized game performance
- Optimized server performance


A major update which brought back the Nightmare Night event for the third time. New NPCs were added in and around the opened up Police station, and new Raider Enemy NPCs along with a camp were added on the opposite side of the map. The mechanics behind Melee Weapons were changed again, and changes were made towards the Ghoul NPCs and how Enemy NPCs function in general. This update was added on October 28th 2023.

- Nightmare Night!
- Added friendly NPCs to police patrol station
- Added raider enemy NPCs
- Added police patrol station interior
- Added more minor locations to main map
- Added map
- Added map hotkey
- Added medium length sleeves
- Added disable flashes setting
- Melee combat mechanic changes:
— Added ability to hit multiple enemies at once
— Increased melee weapon ranges
— Decreased melee damage randomization
- Enemy ghoul NPCs behaviour changes: 
— Added 2 landmines 
— Made island more passable
— Changed feral ghoul spawn trigger
— Slightly decreased feral ghoul speed
— Slightly decreased feral ghoul damage
— Slightly increased all ghoul respawn timers
- Enemy NPCs behaviour changes: 
— Disabled automatic despawn 
— NPCs now wander around when not engaged in combat 
— Changed attack range making NPCs use weapon ranges of weapons they're holding
- Updated Team section
- Updated Offline page
- Updated campfire mechanic
- Improved main map
- Improved UI
- Improved cave walls
- Improved colliders of some objects
- Improved sprites
- Fixed map errors
- Fixed some map objects not being pickable
- Fixed face accessories 21-24 mismatched patterns
- Fixed issues with rain
- Fixed unpickable whiskey in Saloon
- Fixed collectables being able to spawn inside colliders
- Fixed moustache rendering
- Fixed mismatched wings not closing correctly
- Fixed pressing Shift+Tab making players unclickable in some cases
- Fixed not being able to enter Stable while flying
- Fixed some food items missing "consumeable" descriptions
- Optimized game performance


A bugfix which remedied a number of errors, as well as fixed an oversight which allowed Enemy NPCs from v1.23.0 to spawn in the Sewers. The update was released on October 28th 2023, nearly 7 hours after the previous update.

- Added back view of fridges to house items
- Fixed various issues with party
- Fixed Mehanika missing Nightmare Night outfit
- Fixed blurry held weapon icons
- Fixed blurry Saloon cabinet drinks icons
- Fixed some tree stumps missing shadows
- Fixed NPC thoughts being logged in chat
- Fixed moustache rendering
- Fixed unable to place campfire on party island
- Fixed map errors
- Removed previous Nightmare Night changes from sewers


The promotional .gif for v1.26.0 featuring three developers cinematically demonstrating the new Player vs Player combat system.

A major update which introduced Player versus Player combat exclusivily to Tier 2 Suppoerters and higher as an experimental test, the map was changed to to the Winter season for the fifth time, detailed markers and other functionality were added to the Map function introduced in v1.25.1, Some modifications were made to the NPCs at the Police Station and to the building they resided in. This update was released on December 14th 2023.

- Winter! 
- Added Player versus Player combat: 
— Added option to enable PvP in party 
— Added score system 
— Added randomized spawn locations during PvP
- In-game map: 
— Added icons of various locations 
— Added location and trader labels 
— Added center-on-player button 
— Increased player icon 
— Position and zoom now does not reset when reopening map
- Added patterns to some sleeves
- Updated main map
- Updated Police Patrol Station interior
- Updated Police Patrol Station NPCs
- Updated Team section
- Improved colliders of some objects
- Improved back mane #29
- Improved sprites
- Increased Copper Caps' interact area
- Fixed issues with updating party leader
- Fixed some issues related to party
- Fixed some other issues with hiding players
- Fixed NPCs not being able to attack player in some cases
- Fixed issues related to inventory and held items
- Fixed screen effects setting missing from in-game settings
- Fixed landmines healing players
- Fixed layering issues with back mane #31
- Fixed disabling UI not hiding in-game map button
- Fixed being able to open in-game map in character editor
- Fixed labels of sewers signs pointing to old map locations
- Fixed map objects suddenly appearing on screen when moving or unzooming
- Fixed map errors


A minor bug fix update which resolved many game breaking bugs which occured throught normal play. The Hearth's Warming season was also introduced for the fourth time. This update was released on December 21st 2023.

- Happy Hearth's Warming!
- Added ability to fly over bridge near Saloon
- Improved inventory item icons positioning
- Fixed messages above players being offset in some cases
- Fixed characters not being rendered in some cases
- Fixed NPC interact ranges
- Fixed inventory tooltip being rendered under item count
- Fixed cargo containers colliders
- Fixed missing tables in PPS
- Fixed NPC waypoints
- Fixed radroach waypoints
- Fixed inconsistent icon colors in player profile actions
- Fixed incorrect colors of backmane #37
- Fixed blinking pattern of headphones neck accessory
- Fixed map labels appearing in character editor in some cases
- Fixed map errors


The promotional .png for v1.26.2 featuring the Boss's spawning point, with the timer counting down.

An update which re-introduced the New Years content, modifying the maps to include the appropriate seasonal decorations. The New Years boss was reintroduced. This update was released on December 31st 2023.

- Happy New Year!!!
- Enabled holiday boss fight event
- Enabled confetti popper spawns in Stable
- Boss fight changes:
— Added unique weapon loot drop
— Added random item gifts loot drops
— Updated loot drops for boss and minions
— Slightly increased minions health
— Slightly increased boss attack speed
— Added event location icon to in-game map
- Added more russian localization
- Improved sprites
- Improved colliders of some objects
- Improved UI
- Slightly increased confetti popper spawns in Stable
- Renamed gifts
- Fixed "transfer caps" action missing
- Fixed Kepler waypoints
- Fixed map errors
- Optimized weather


See April Fools Update history for more details.


The promotional .png for v1.26.4 showing the new rehauled Help page and the information provided.

A minor update game-wise which removed the April Fools content, and transitioned the maps from Winter to Spring. However the Help and Info pages recieved a massive redesign, now providing more aid on the game's mechanics. This update was released on April 20th 2024.

- Spring!
- Rehauled Help page
- Rehauled Info page
- Added officer cap head accessory
- Added 1 pattern to prosthetic wings
- Added 2 ammo crates with labels to house items
- Added ability to put empty glasses on Saloon tables
- Added more russian localization
- Increased rain propability during spring
- Updated some sprites
- Improved some other sprites
- Fixed New Years decorations being present inside PPS
- Fixed mugs overlapping when placed on round Saloon tables
- Fixed Gromowiek NPC missing ear stripes
- Fixed some books and book piles not giving books
- Fixed some trashbins not removing items upon interaction
- Fixed some missing russian localization
- Fixed map errors
- Removing main pages background image being scrolled with the pages


The promotional .gif for v1.26.5 demonstrating all of the new content in the update.

An update which changed the map back to Summer and added upon certain points around the Wasteland map, including a Motel and a Scouts Camp. New toys, interactable boom gates, and a new function to the character customiser were also added. The update was released on the 30th of March, 2024.

- Summer!
- Updated main map:
— Added Motel location
— Added Coltscouts island
- Added 2 toys:
— Phoenix
— Balefire Phoenix
- Added function to have different waist accessories on different sides
- Added lower/raise interaction to boomgates
- Added full map images to Maps tab on Help page
- Added burger to Muffin Time trades and house items
- Changed "nuclear" to "balefire" in one of Sihayhamo's lines
- Improved sprites
- Fixed water dispenser missing interaction in PPS
- Fixed some typos
- Fixed fur collar neck accessory blinking when walking
- Fixed some waist accessories rendering under neck accessories