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Toys are a series of cosmetic equipables which when summoned will place an object on your current pony's head. A majority of the toys can be purchased from the vendor Ping-Pong, however you will always start with a single toy which can be customized.

Toys can be equipped by using the /toy <number> command, inputting a number respective to the toy you want. Alternatively, the player can interact with the Toy stash box located by the Mineshaft Elevator in the wasteland. Interacting with the box will equip the player with one of the the Purchasable toys changing out with the next one in the sequential list. You can remove a toy by using the /droptoy command, or the Drop Toy Action.

To check how many toys you currently have, input the command /toys and a message will display using the Command text color reading "collected ##/46 toys".

Customizable Toys

This list includes a single toy which can be modified by the player. The colors of these toys as well as the general appearance can be changed in the Character Creator. You can only select one of the options to be displayed on your pony's Head.

Number On pony Name
0 Pony Toy 0.png Pony Plush
0 Pony Toy 0 2.png Pony Plush

Purchasable Toys

This category includes the majority of the toys usable by players, unlike the prior list. These toys must be first purchased from Ping-Pong who is located in the Caves. As of v1.23.4 there are a total 46 toys to buy, and you will require a total of 6,2,12 Thumb Caps to purchase all of the Toys.

Once you have unlocked all the toys, System will exclaim that "You have unlocked all the toys!" and permanently lock you out of Ping-Pong's vendor UI, that is until more toys are added to purchase.

Number Icon On pony Name Buy Price
1 Toy 1.png Pony Toy 1.png Hearth's Warming hat (red) 2 Thumb
2 Toy 2.png Pony Toy 2.png Hearth's Warming hat (green) 62 Thumb
3 Toy 3.png Pony Toy 3.png Hearth's Warming hat (blue) 62 Thumb
4 Toy 4.png Pony Toy 4.png Hearth's Warming hat (pink) 62 Thumb
5 Toy 5.png Pony Toy 5.png Snowpony 62 Thumb
6 Toy 6.png Pony Toy 6.png Snowpony (clothes) 122 Thumb
7 Toy 7.png Pony Toy 7.png Snowpony (evil) 206 Thumb
8 Toy 8.png Pony Toy 8.png Gift 122 Thumb
9 Toy 9.png Pony Toy 9.png Gift 122 Thumb
10 Toy 10.png Pony Toy 10.png Gift 122 Thumb
11 Toy 11.png Pony Toy 11.png Gift 122 Thumb
12 Toy 12.png Pony Toy 12.png Gift (Stable-Tec) 182 Thumb
13 Toy 13.png Pony Toy 13.png Bell 62 Thumb
14 Toy 14.png Pony Toy 14.png Mistletoe 62 Thumb
15 Toy 15.png Pony Toy 15.png Cookie 122 Thumb
16 Toy 16.png Pony Toy 16.png Spider 170 Thumb
17 Toy 17.png Pony Toy 17.png Teddy (brown) 98 Thumb
18 Toy 18.png Pony Toy 18.png Teddy (brown, angel) 98 Thumb
19 Toy 19.png Pony Toy 19.png Teddy (black) 98 Thumb
20 Toy 20.png Pony Toy 20.png Teddy (black, angel) 98 Thumb
21 Toy 21.png Pony Toy 21.png Teddy (brown, clothes) 122 Thumb
22 Toy 22.png Pony Toy 22.png Teddy (black, clothes) 122 Thumb
23 Toy 23.png Pony Toy 23.png Teddy (white, clothes) 158 Thumb
24 Toy 24.png Pony Toy 24.png Hearth's Warming tree 122 Thumb
25 Toy 25.png Pony Toy 25.png Hearth's Warming tree 122 Thumb
26 Toy 26.png Pony Toy 26.png Dear 122 Thumb
27 Toy 27.png Pony Toy 27.png Dear (clothes) 182 Thumb
28 Toy 28.png Pony Toy 28.png Candy cane 62 Thumb
29 Toy 29.png Pony Toy 29.png Candy canes 122 Thumb
30 Toy 30.png Pony Toy 30.png Candy canes 182 Thumb
31 Toy 31.png Pony Toy 31.png Star 122 Thumb
32 Toy 32.png Pony Toy 32.png Halo 122 Thumb
33 Toy 33.png Pony Toy 33.png Stable Kitty 218 Thumb
34 Toy 34.png Pony Toy 34.png Stable Kitty (Nightmare Night) 230 Thumb
35 Toy 35.png Pony Toy 35.png Stable Kitty (Hearth's Warming) 230 Thumb
36 Toy 36.png Pony Toy 36.png Cap 62 Thumb
37 Toy 37.png Pony Toy 37.png Landmine 122 Thumb
38 Toy 38.png Pony Toy 38.png Grenade 122 Thumb
39 Toy 39.png Pony Toy 39.png Raven 230 Thumb
40 Toy 40.png Pony Toy 40.png Radroach 230 Thumb
41 Toy 41.png Pony Toy 41.png Pumpkin 158 Thumb
42 Toy 42.png Pony Toy 42.png Jacko 206 Thumb
43 Toy 43.png Pony Toy 43.png Bloodwing 230 Thumb
44 Toy 44.png Pony Toy 44.png Rat (gray) 182 Thumb
45 Toy 45.png Pony Toy 45.png Rat (brown) 182 Thumb
46 Toy 46.png Pony Toy 46.png Rat (albino) 194 Thumb