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The Wasteland is the Main map of Ashes Town, it is where a majority of the content can be found. [content here]

Important Areas

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Carrot Farm

The Carrot Farm is located at roughly x350,y79. It's a patch of land that naturally grows Carrots, which can be harvested and sold to Muffin Time. It can grow 12 carrots at a time, and as soon as one is harvested a new one begins to grow.

Ghoul Island

Ghoul Island is where Ghouls spawn. It's located at the center left of the map and is surrounded by water. The island features dense trees around its perimeter, a large tent which can act as a safe zone for players, two radio towers, and several barrels of radioactive waste.

Cave Entrance

The Cave Entrance is located at x15,y60. It is a small wood and metal shack surrounded by tall chainlink fences on three sides, and a cliff on the fourth side. Walking into the shack will transport you into the Cave.

Police Station

The Police Station is located at roughly x307,y40. It is an abandoned police station that has been taken over by a group of NPC ponies. The area surrounding the Police Station is littered with trash and has various other things such as workbenches, barrels of waste, and hedgehogs and concrete barriers blocking off the roads. To access the inside of the Police Station, simply walk into the open doorway on the face of the building at x304,y40.

Saloon Entrance

The Saloon can be accessed through the front doors of the building called the Chipped Hoof. Walking into them will transport you into the Saloon.

Bunker Entrance

The Bunker entrance is located at x269,y3. It is a dark grey trapdoor embedded in a concrete slab in the ground. Walking on top of it will transport you into the Bunker.


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