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The Sparkle sign is a Melee Weapon item which can be bought from Nitro Express. When held in a Pony's mouth, it will emit a very small Pink aura around the sign portion of the weapon. This weapon was added in Update v1.9.0.


The design of the Sparkle Sign is nearly identical to that of the Nuka sign with some minor changes. It has the appearance of a Street sign with single supporting pole that would root it into the ground. The Sign portion is violet with a white border and bears the word 'Sparkle' in white text with a fanciful underline beneath. When you point the sign to the right, either by using the Turn head Action or fully rotating your character to that direction, the sign will flip horizontally displaying the text incorrectly.


  • This Sign is one of the 5 items which have a separate compressed icon used when in a players inventory and dropped out into the world, this is due to the length or size of the weapon. The other items are the Nuka sign, the Scythe, the Spear, and the Knife spear.
  • The design of the Sparkle sign is a reference to the Nuka Breaker weapon introduced in the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC for Fallout: New Vegas.
    • In Fallout: New Vegas, the Nuka Breaker is sold by the gun vendor Mick. In a tangential relation, one of Nitro Express' Quotes references a line also said by Mick.
  • This weapon references the Fallout Equestria beverage 'Sparkle~Cola', which replaces Fallout's 'Nuka-Cola'.