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Seasonal Updates refers to any update that is posted annually to mark a real life festivity or change in seasons, Certain festivities use the titles of Seasonal Events present in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Universe, which themselves are representative of our real life festivities. The changes in seasons are vaguely based off the Northern Hemisphere's Seasonal calendar.

Current Seasonal Updates

New Years

The Stable, . Unlike the other

This seasonal event is


Spring was first officially mentioned in in v1.13.0 and then subsequently reused in v1.19.2, these Springs would clear the map of any winter scenery, returning the map to its default state. However as of version 1.22.0, Spring has changed to act more as a branching season between Winter and Summer, with patches of Snow melting, The lakes unthawing, and the Carrot's will begin to grow in the North East Town's Carrot farm. A similar thing occurred during the v1.19.0 update where snow was recorded melting, however it was not called Spring, but rather a hit that a future update would clear the map of Snow.

As Spring and Summer have been used interchangeably in previous Ashes Town updates, it has a wide range in its length. In Updates v1.13.0 and v1.19.2, Spring took up the most of the year lasting about seven months (March to October), however in version 1.22.0 Spring lasted five months (March to July).


Summer (Also interchangeable with Spring in earlier Updates) is the default wasteland map.

Summer has only been mentioned in one update, that being version 1.22.2.


Autumn, much like in our world,

Autumn has the shortest length of all the Seasons in Ashes Town, lasting for barely a period of two months.

Nightmare Night


Winter is the final season of the year, and the most similar to the effects of the Northern Hemisphere's Winter. It was first introduced in Update v1.11.0 (December 13th, 2019), and re-released every subsequent year. The Wasteland map is blanketed in snow with most bodies of water frozen over (The exception to this is the water by the Harbor region, which remains liquid due to the diegetic need to travel to the Party Island). Snow can occasionally fall from the sky, replacing weather events such as Rain and Radstorms. Snow ponies will litter the wasteland portraying different Fallout Equestria factions (Such as Raiders and Stable Dwellers), and the Carrot Farm in the North East Town will stop growing carrots throughout the entirety of Winter.

This season lasts around four months, beginning during December and ending in March.

Hearth's Warming Eve

Discontinued Seasonal Updates

This list includes updates that have once seen appearance but due to one reason or another have not seen a return.