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Enemy NPCs are a category of are specific Non-Player Characters located across some of the Ashes Town Maps. Unlike other NPCs which can be interacted with or simply inhabit the world space, Enemy NPCs when approached will try to attack and kill the Player. Players can retaliate with their own Melee Weapons, damaging until the enemy themselves are slain. These enemies will drop a wide variety of Consumable Items which can be sold back to Muffin Time or Whiskey Shot, acting as another avenue of obtaining caps. As with other NPCs, Enemy NPcs can be identified by the "<NPC>" tag that permanently appears above their head.

Unlike other categories of NPCs, the lists provided refer to their general groups, as each group of enemy NPCs are made up of multiple NPCs. Regardless there exist two definable categories of Enemy NPCs. Permanent Enemies, and Event Enemies.

Permanent Enemies

Permanent Enemies are NPCs which have remained in the game since their introduction. They serve as a constant method of acquiring Consumable Items and can be found in a confined area which they exclusively roam. These enemies will spawn in this area and move towards any present players with the intent of attacking them. Should all players leave the area, they will idly roam.

Event Enemies

Event Enemies are a series of limited time NPCs which appear as a result of celebrating a seasonal event. These NPCs present some sort of twist on the formula which Permanent NPCs establish, such as having them take over an entire map or only appear at certain times. These events are special and may provide rare or unique weapons or items, but historically have always included a Boss enemy.