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Stable 49 is an underground bunker designed to protect ponies from the apocalyptic world above until it is safe to return to. The Stable features many different facilities across it's three floors designed to accommodate inhabitants, there also exists a few NPCs, which can provide the player with some help, either acting as vendors, or providing some information. The maps of the Stable also act as a safe zone, much like the bar, where no attacks can be made with weapons.

The Stable can be accessed from the wasteland through the Caves, the open Stable door clearly marking the entrance to the Stable.

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There are two Elevators on each floor of the Stable. They function as the only means of transport between the three floors. Entering an elevator will cause a menu to pop up, from which you can select Floor 1, Floor 2, or Floor 3. It will then instantly transport you to whatever floor you selected.


Muffin Time is a Vendor NPC located in the Cafeteria on Floor 2.

Mehanika is a Vendor NPC located in the Cafeteria on Floor 2.

The Overmare is an Inhabitant NPC located in the Overmare's Office(?) on Floor 2.

Interactible Objects

Formatting is subject to change

Floor 1

  • Cookie platter: x36,y22
  • Fire extinguisher: x18,y26
  • Garbage cans: x12,y27 | x45,y27
  • Medkits: x39,y26 | x31,y35
  • Mug: x34,y22
  • Teapot: x35,y42
  • Vending machines: x13,y27 | x44,y27
  • Water dispenser: x31,y22
  • Water fountains: x12,y31 | x45,y31

Floor 2

  • Baton: x83,y90
  • Books: x55,y92 | x22,y86 | x21,y63 | x72,y31 | x30,y42 | x25,y41
    • All books and papers lying on the desks in the classroom are interactible.
  • Bookshelves: x38,y41 | x54,y12
    • All shelves in the library are interactible.
  • Cookie platter: x34,y21
  • Fire extinguishers: x59,y55 | x62,y89 | x25,y60 | x39,y55 | x57,y30
  • Garbage cans: x59,y55 | x18,y65 | x39,y55
  • Medkits: x62,y89 | x53,y92 | x32,y46 | x32,y36 | x41,y39 | x54,y12 | x66,y36 | x66,y46
  • Mugs: x64,y93 | x83,y90 | x43,y93 | x25,y93 | x35,y79 | x27,y41
  • Rarity figurine: x45,y93
  • Teapots: x25,y93
  • Toolboxes: x68,y74 | x26,y32 | x70,y40
  • Vending machines: x36,y67 | x73,y61 | x26,y49 | x72,y39
  • Water dispensers: x80,y95 | x63,y69
  • Water fountains: x63,y64 | x75,y64 | x64,y92 | x34,y92 | x29,y56 | x25,y36 | x41,y39 | x33,y22 | x65,y22 | x57,y30 | x73,y46
  • Water glasses: x33,y74 | x34,y21

Floor 3

  • Baton: x36,y26
  • Books: x89,y47 | x28,y31 | x52,y90
  • Fire extinguishers: x79,y55 | x24,y55 | x54,y55 | x40,y99 | x63,y99
  • Medkits: x79,y55 | x24,y55 | x49,y55 | x49,y87
  • Mugs: x89,y47 | x29,y20 | x52,y90
  • Toolboxes: x90,y44 | x64,y109
  • Vending machines: x83,y62 | x39,y75
  • Water dispenser: x52,y40
  • Water fountains: x66,y58 | x84,y57 | x37,y58 | x19,y57 | x50,y77 | x53,y77


  • In the Fallout Equestria lore, Stables often had a Social experiment which would cause the population to be killed off or cause the population to flee. The population of Stable 49, has mysteriously disappeared, yet nothing notable can be identified to have killed them off, caused them to leave the Stable.
    • Furthermore, Stable's are often closed up, yet Stable 49's door is bizarrely wide open.
  • Stables are based on the Vaults from the Fallout games.