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The Saloon is one of the map of Ashes Town, accessible from the Wasteland the saloon acts as the place to aquire and sell drinks of both the alcohol or non-alcoholic variety.

Important Areas

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Whiskey Shot

Whiskey Shot paroling the bar.

Whiskey Shot.

Drinks Cabinet

Whiskey Shot using the Drinks Cabinet for the promotional .gif for update 1.21.8

This paragraph is an excerpt from the section regarding drinks cabinets on the Interactable objects page. To access that section, click here

The drinks cabinet is a large wooden cabinet with glass doors which holds a wide variety of consumable beverages. Interacting with this object will cause a unique UI to appear allowing the player to select one of 12 drinks. When selecting a drink it will initially appear on a serving tray, allowing the player to place it on one of the nearby tables, then subsequently pick it up. This version of the beverage can not be stored, unlike the one purchased from Whiskey Shot.