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The Book is a series of General items. While they all share a name, each book differs in it's design. The item can be freely obtained by interacting with certain Interactable objects located around the Stable's second level and in the Wasteland's bunker. These interactable objects come in three forms but divided under two categories of interactable objects. Books, which provide the book item of the same color, and Book shelves which will continuously provide every single colored book.

The Books were originally added in Update v1.22.1, however were given the ability to be stored in a players inventory in update v1.23.3.


Each book appears identical save for the color on the cover, which can be either blue, green, purple, red and tan. The book features two lines of text present at the top of the cover, and large collection of faded cream colored pages inside.


  • There are multiple booms around multiple different Maps, which when interacted with, do not provide a book at all.
  • Book items of certain colors can only returned to any interactable object which bears the same colored book as it. For example, if you grab a Purple book from the Stable's Library, you can't return it to a Blue book nearby, but you can return it any other book which is the same color, such as the Purple book in Overmare's Office.