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Mint-als are a Interactible item which can be scavenged in the Sewers or bought at Copper Caps. The rate at which they spawn in the Sewers is limited however, making collecting in this manner a slow venture. Mint-als were first added in update v1.8.0.


The Mint-als item has a very strange item appearance, it is hard to say what it is. The original item is a metal branded tin, however the item in Ashes Town bears the vague appearance of an faded brown envelope, with a dirty khaki colored triangle pointing downwards.


Upon consumption, either by using the E key; clicking the "Use item / Interact" or "Consume" Action button; or typing /consume, the player will be minutely damaged and have a "Psychedelic" effect applied the screen. This effect will have random colors tint the screen, and have objects produce an after image.

If a player consumes too many Mint-als in too quick of a succession, then the player's Pony will warn them thinking "I don't feel so good..." If the player continues to consume Mint-als, the player will have overdosed and be killed.


  • Mint-als, are based off the items of the same name found in Fallout Equestria, however in Fallout Equestria Mint-als provide the user with increased memory retention and mental clarity, not cause a screen effect like they do in Ashes.Town.
    • These drugs are in turn based off the Fallout drug Mentats.
  • The warning text finishes with three periods (...) instead of one ellipsis (…), the difference can be noticed when highlighting the text.