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The Stick is a series of two Melee Weapon items which share an identical name. These items can be found littering the Wasteland Map. As of Update v1.23.0, the Stick has been given the ability to perform a melee attack, alongside other melee weapons. Furthermore, when interacting with the Spit Roast while the stick is in your pony's mouth, it will transform into a consumable item, the Meat on Stick. While the item stacks to a max of 64, you can only hold one item in you pony's mouth.


The two sticks share a name, but the design differs. As their name implies, both were once small branches of a tree. The first stick is colored a dark brown and possesses curved protruding branches off a straight limb, with the second stick a lighter brown with few straight branches protruding off a diagonal limb.


  • The Stick is the only weapon which deals a flat amount of damage, this is due to how the Melee damage is calculated and rounded, with 75% of 2 being 1.5 which rounds up to 2.
  • As previously mentioned, the two sticks share an identical name despite being different items. This trait is shared with other items including both Apples, Flares, Meat on Sticks, Knifes, Hatchets, and non-nailed variant of the Bats.