Meat on Stick

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The Meat on Stick is a Consumable Item that can be made by the Player by holding a Stick and interacting with a Spitroast, doing so will cause the stick to be skewered with a section of raw meat. The Meat of Stick was added in update v1.13.2.


There are two variants of the Meat on Stick, that each share a name. One is made with the dark brown Stick item and has a short, lumpy chunk of red meat speared on the end. The other is made with the lighter brown Stick item and has a longer, pointed chunk of red meat speared on the end.


Upon consuming the cooked variant of the Meat on Stick (either by clicking E, typing /eat or /consume) while it is held in a pony's mouth, one will be be significantly damaged, and this action will the item back to it's respective variant of the stick. The damage inflicted, much like with the Spoiled pizza, is due to the raw nature of the food. This changes when the Meat on Stick is cooked, as then it will properly heal the player.