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The Hatchet is a series of two Melee Weapon items which share an identical name, they can be obtained from Nitro Express. Alongise sharing a name, they also share a Damage output and attack interval. They were both likely added in Update v1.10.0 alongside a number of mouth-held melee weapons.


The two hatchets share a name based off the real life tool, however their designs differ. The first variant possess a brown handle with spots of lighter brown across it. The head of the tool is a light gray which protrudes downwards and curves to the side. A thin part of the wood handle sticks out the end of the metallic head.
The second variant of the hatchet looks almost similar in size and color used, however the blade on this variant is much more pronounced bulging out where as the previous one curves downwards.


  • The Hatchet has appeared in multiple Fallout games, Fallout 76, New Vegas and the canceled Fallout Van Buren. Of the three
  • Despite the fact that they are called hatchets, the design of the two weapons heavy suggest them to be instead hand axes. Owing to the fact that there is no hammering edge opposite to the cutting edge.