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The Scythe is a Weapon item which can be bought from Nitro Express. It was added in Game Version v1.21.4.


The Scythe has a long wooden pole with a black mouth grip near one of the ends, the other end has an arcing blade jutting out from the side of the wooden poll with a black object fastening it in place. The Scythe appears to bear the design of Scythes used traditionally by figures such as the Grim Reaper instead of the more traditional farming tool.


  • During v1.21.4, the item was sold by Copper Caps during the entirety of the Nightmare Night Seasonal event.
  • The item, as previously mentioned, bears the design of the Grim Reaper's Scythe, this is reinforced by the fact that it was introduced during a Nightmare night seasonal event, which makes allusion to the real world's Halloween.
  • The Scythe is one of the 5 items which have a separate compressed icon used when in a players inventory and dropped out into the world, this is due to the length or size of the weapon. The other items are the Sparkle sign, the Nuka sign, the Spear, and the Knife spear.