Hearth's Warming Stop sign

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The Hearth's Warming Stop sign, referred to as 🎄 Stop sign in game, is a Melee Weapon item which can be obtained from Copper Caps during the Hearth's Warming Eve seasonal event. It was likely introduced in update v1.12.0 alongside the other festive weapons.


The Hearth's Warming Stop sign as the name implies is a festive re-skin of an existing weapon, in this case of the Stop sign weapon. The base design is similar to that of a traffic sign commonly seen in real life. It features a grey light grey metallic pole with an octagonal sign fastened to one end. The metallic sign sports a red octagon with a white outline, in the center the word 'STOP' is printed. A wire of festive String lights is wrapped around the stop sign, it features a series of red, pink, blue, yellow, and green lights across it. As with the default variant, when you point the sign to the right, either by using the Turn head Action or fully rotating your character to that direction, the sign will flip horizontally displaying the text backwards.


  • Though less noticeable, the Festive Stop sign is one of the 8 items which have a separate compressed icon used when in a players inventory and dropped out into the world, this is due to the length or size of the weapon. The other items are the defualt version of the Stop sign, Nuka sign, the Scythe, the Spear, the Knife spear and it's festive variant.
  • Similar to all other festive weapons, the Hearth's Warming Golf club deals 2 more base damage that it's non festive version.
  • The inclusion of the Christmas tree emoticon in it's name is to represent it's status as an item limited to a seasonal event.
  • When the festive Golf club has been dropped on the ground, and hovered over with a mouse, the game will replace the emoticon in the name with the Ashes version of it.