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The Fire axe is a Melee Weapon item which can be bought from Nitro Express. It was added in the v1.7.0 Update alongside the Machete weapon. The weapon outputs the second most amount of damage behind the Sledge hammer.


As the name implies, this axe is commonly utilized by firefighting services. The design present in Ashes Town is that of a Pick head Fire axe, categorized by the additional striking head perpendicular to the axe head used to puncture items or function as a lever. The weapon's handle is made up of a bowed light tan wood. The head of the Fire axe is primary colored bright red but turns to a light grey as it reaches both the axe and the pick end.


  • The Fire axe has appeared in multiple Fallout games, including Fallout 76 and Fallout: New Vegas. Of the two the design in Ashes Town appears to be most similar of the Fire Axe in Fallout: New Vegas, due to the similar colors present on the Fire Axe's head.