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The Machete is a series of two Melee Weapon Item which can occasionally be bought from Nitro Express. The two items were added in update v1.7.0.


The two Machete while sharing a name, have different appearances. Much like the real life counterpart, is an elongated bladed tool. The first variant of the Machete, has a dark gray handle with a curved butt. The blade of the weapon featured a significantly curved cutting edge. The blade is made up of a light gray metal with the lighter grey cutting edge extending around to the tip of the weapon.
The second variant of the machete features a much larger blade and handle. The color of the handle is the same, however the color of the blade is a yellow tinted grey, with the yellow tint also affecting the much wider cutting edge of the weapon.


  • The design of the second Machete seems to be similar to that of the Fallout New Vegas weapon, the Broad Machete from the Courier's Stash DLC.