Board (nails)

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The Board (nails) is a Melee Weapon item which can be bought from Nitro Express. It is the direct upgrade of the Board weapon, dealing higher damage but possessing the same attack cooldown. This weapon was added in Game Version v1.10.0 along side a vast selection of mouth-held melee weapons.


Similar to the Board weapon, the Board (nails) is designed off a long and thin wooden rectangle of light tan lumber, multiple light grey nails have been driven through the board in multiple directions. Like the board weapon, the wood texture is similar to the texture present on one of the Bats and the Bat (nails).


  • The item has seen use in the Fallout Franchise, specifically in Fallout 3, known as the Nail Board.
  • In Ashes Town's Changelog, it titles the Board (nails) weapon as 'Spiked Wooden board'.