Bat (nails)

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The Bat (nails) is a Melee Weapon item which can be obtained from Nitro Express. It is the direct upgrade of the Bat weapon, dealing higher damage but possessing the same attack cooldown. It was introduced in update v1.10.0 alongside a number of other mouth-held melee weapons.


As the name 'spiked baseball bat' implies in the v1.10.0 changelog. It is one of the Baseball Bat weapons, specifically the first variant, however with the addition of metal nails. The barrel is made of a light tan wood, and notably lacks a taper. Vertical grey lines protrude across the barrel, implying the added nails. It has a dark brown handle, and the nob at the end is similarly made of the light tan wood.


  • Similar to the first variant of the bat, the design appears to be similar to the Gun Runners Arsenal Baseball Bat found in Fallout: New Vegas alongside all of it's available modifications; the Maple body, Cork core and Nails.