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The Wrench is a Melee Weapon item, that can be purchased from Mehanika. The wrench was added in Update v1.10.0 alongside a number of Melee weapons.


The Wrench item is based off a real world Pipe Wrench. The item features a likely metal body which has been painted red. Due to the pixelated design it provides the illusion that the light grey metallic Heel Jaw and Hook Jaw are conjoined. However as hinted by the metallic grey teeth on the underneath of the Body, it is implied that that the Hook Jaw is adjustable, similar to real world adjustable Pipe wrenches.


  • The weapon use to be part of Nitro Express' rolling stock. However in update v1.23.4, Mehanika was introduced and subsequently took responsibility in selling the item.
  • The weapon is likely a reference to the Pipe Wrench weapon, as seen in Fallout 4 and 76.