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The Flare gun is a Ranged Weapon item which can occasionally be bought and sold to Nitro Express, but also found rarely across the Wasteland. This allows the item to be an alternative avenue of profit for players similar. However as with all weapons, the Flare gun can not be stacked, stunting the capability of maximizing profit. The Flare Gun was added in the game in update v1.15.0 alongside a number of mouth-held Guns.


The Flare gun's design bears a striking similarity to real life commercial single-shot breech-loading snub-nosed Flare Guns. The barrel is colored in a bright red which fades in color as it reaches the Muzzle. The Flare gun lacks a noticeable external hammer suggesting it is handled internally. Finally, the mouth-grip of the gun is a gradient black to dark gray.


  • The Flare gun item has made appearances in the Fallout Games in Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and in the Lonesome Road Add on for Fallout: New Vegas. However, the appearance of the flare gun in all the prior mentioned Fallout games is given a more natural metal design unlike the bright red version in Ashes Town.
  • The Flare Gun is one of the three weapons which do not use the standard dark gray colored rectangle mouth-grip, instead it possesses an, as mentioned, uniquely shaped grip which incorporates a gradient. The other weapons include the Scrap SMG with a darker brown colored mouth-grip, and the 12.7mm pistol which uses a light brown variant.
  • Despite a developer confirming no changes to the item's pricing, between v1.23.0 and v1.23.7, the 2023 April Fools Update. Records indicate that the item was never sold by Nitro Express at a purchase price above 4 Thumb Caps.