12.7mm pistol

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The 12.7mm pistol is a Ranged Weapon item which can be bought from Nitro Express, unlike the other specified calibre pistols, it does not possess a Submachine gun variant.


As the name implies, the weapon is a Semi-Automatic Pistol which chambers 12.7mm caliber bullets. The weapon possesses a rather bulky dark metal frame with both a protruding front and rear sight, there also appears to be some form of external hammer at the rear of the gun. An external magazine well is situated just in front of the brown mouth-grip on the underside of the weapon.


  • The item is based off a the the 12.7mm variant of the 14mm Sig-Sauer autopistol, found in Fallout New Vegas.
  • The 12.7mm pistol is one of the three weapons which do not use the standard dark gray colored mouth-grip, instead using a light brown variant. The other weapons include the Scrap SMG with a darker brown colored mouth-grip, and the Flare gun who's mouth-grip is uniquely shaped and incorporates a gradient.