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The Lantern is a General item which can be bought from Copper Caps at any time for 3 Thumb Caps, and sold back to him for 1 Thumb Cap.

When held by a Pony, it will emanate a wide aura of warm flickering light.


It is able to be held in the player's mouth and emits a warm glow surrounding them, much like a standard lantern. Though it can be placed in the Party House, it cannot be picked up, meaning the only way to obtain it is through Copper Caps.

Warm light emanating from the lantern surrounds it in a circle. It illuminates the surrounding area when used or placed in the dark. A recurrent fire animation with eight frames is included within the lantern. Because of the material used to make it, the lantern has a grey exterior that resembles metal.


  • The lantern was first seen in Ashes.Town parent game, Pony.Town.
  • Lanterns used to be obtained from boxes, rather than Copper Caps.