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Dynamite is a Ranged Weapon item which can be bought from Nitro Express, it is one of the three throwable weapons in the game currently along with the Molotov and the Grenade.


The stick of Dynamite is made up of a deep red protective cylinder with a grey winding fuse protruding on the left. This design can be seen to bear a similarity to real life stick of TNT which is commonly coated in red wax.


  • The item is based off a the weapon of the same name which has appeared in almost all Fallout games, excluding Fallut 3 and 4. However the design is based off the dark red single dynamite stick as found in Fallout New Vegas.
  • Because of the fact that Nitro Express' rolling stock reserves the bottom two slots of his vendor list exclusively for the Throwable weapons, this has made Dynamite the most commonly sold weapon.