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Kepler is an NPC who inhabits the Stable's second level, simply wandering around the map. Kepler was introduced in Update v1.11.0.


Kepler is a dark grey cat with amber eyes, and wear a Stable Jumpsuit. During seasonal events (Such as Hearth's Warming and Nightmare Night), they will sport different clothing. During Hearth's Warming, they will wear a red shirt with a white belt and a festive red and white hat. During Nightmare Night, Kepler will wear a Black shirt with an orange belt and black with orange spotted Witches hat.


  • In update v1.12.0, tiny pneumatic doors were introduced into the stable's design, allowing Kepler to enter otherwise inaccessible rooms due to Stable Doors blocking their entrance. However after v1.22.0, the Stable was greatly expanded to include vast open spaces, and as such the small doors were deprecated and removed.
  • In Fallout 4's Vault 81, there is a cat which bears the name Ashes. It is possible, though currently unknown, if the existence of Kepler bears any nod to Ashes the cat by proxy of the cat's name being similar to the name Ashes.Town.