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Gunsling is an Inhabitant NPC who patrols the area around the Police Station. He was introduced in Update v1.25.1 alongside the other inhabitant NPCs in and around the Police station.


Gunsling is a Pegasus stallion with a brown coat, a dark brown mane, and green eyes. One eye is covered by a green/blue robotic eye with multi-coloured buttons on the side. He has two dark brown bracelets on his forelegs, a dark brown trench coat, brown pants, a brown bandana around his neck, and a dark brown cowboy hat. He has grey ear piercings, and his left ear is ripped. He has a grey gun in a brown holster on his waist. He is smoking a cigarette.


Unlike other Police Station NPCs, Gunsling remains stationary, sitting in a chair to the left of the office. Sometimes he turns his head to look behind him. He occasionally says a random line or string of lines.

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  • Have you done anything purposeful in your life?
  • I would gladly listen to the tales of your feats.
  • The world has fallen, but we must fight in order to make it better.
  • There are no innocents in the Wastes, it will find its punishment for everyone.
  • So, I got a question for you guys,
  • what are the eight scariest words in the equestrian language?
  • "We're Pegasus Enclave, and we're here to save you!"


  • The final string of lines spoken by Gunsling suggests that they are either a Dashite or potentially a land born Pegasus, given their fear for the Grand Pegasus Enclave who hold hostility against Pegasi who fall under either of those two banners.