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The Ghost is a Background NPC which can appear across multiple maps, specifically the Cave, Wasteland and the Sewer. The Ghost will suddenly appear as a player wanders across these maps, before disappearing just as quickly. Their presence is meant to act as a sudden, but albeit rare, jumpscare.


The ghost is a skeletal remain wearing a yellow and dark grey Environmental Hazard suit. The helmet of the suit has been tainted purple with part of the dome broken, out of that wafts a wispy pink cloud. The pony inside the suit is dead, with only the skeleton remaining.


The ghost is spawned in when a player passes through an invisible trigger which can spawn at select points around the three maps. When the player passes through one of these triggers, the Ghost will appear for a very short period of time before disappearing. It is currently known if there is a timer which prevents the Ghost's trigger from appearing elsewhere across the map, or how long of a delay exists between another trigger is spawned in.


  • The Ghost is a reference to the Ghost Abomination found in Pink Eyes however there are noticeable differences between the FoE version and the one in Ashes
    • The Ashes Town Ghost is the same size as the player's pony, where as the Ghost found in Pink eyes is the size of a foal. This is due to the suit being designed to specifically protect foals.
    • Regarding the Ashes Town Ghost, the pony inside the suit has been degraded until nothing but their skeleton remains, however in Pink Eyes the Ghost will appear in either one of two states; Identical to how they looked Pre-War, or as a Canterlot Ghoul
    • The Ghost in Pink Eyes is filled with the necromantic Pink Cloud due to their initial proximity to Canterlot when the megaspells hit Canterlot. This provides them a level of protection due to the lethality of the Pink Cloud. However, while the Ashes Town Ghost's suit clearly has been breached, letting the cloud escape. The Player's pony doesn't take damage from being near the Ghost.